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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Legend Of "Peg Leg Smith's Lost Gold"

Down the road or over the coyote hills, a few hundred yards west of our location,is the monument dedicated to "Thomas Long "Peg Leg" Smith.
This spot as you can see by the R.V.'s in the background,is a popular, free, boondocking spot for snowbirds.

It's and interesting story and I'll try to keep it short.

Back in the 1880"s,Smith was taking a supply trip from Yuma to Los Angeles,and got caught in a dust storm in this area.While hunkered down he picked up some black rocks thinking they contained copper and upon his arrival in Los Angeles, found that he actually had black gold nuggets(created this way by the heat of the desert over time.) He nor anyone else has been able to relocate this spot again,but the area of this monument seems to be the closest to his original find.

The sign below is self explanatory.But what I missed was the mailbox just to the right of the sign,which contains a log book,so that you can add your name and tall tale story of the search.Oh! And also,this is the home of a "Liars Club"that drew many people to this spot in April of every year.It ended several decade's ago.

Below,Sue wants to show us a couple of pic's of our regular visitor to her hummingbird feeder,which hangs from the motorhome side mirror.
She figures it to be a male Costa.
It and several others are continually here,and can be seen with very little wait.You wonder where they come from in such a desolate area.But like I mentioned in an earlier post,they practically arrive with us......Maybe they are following us.....Hmmmm!

Sue believes this one below to be a female Costa.We are not sure.

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