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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Some Quiet Time

Well..Here it is,Saturday morning,4:10 and with coffee in hand,sitting up in my bed with laptop on lap.What do we talk about today,as I didn't do anything yesterday but relax and enjoy my new digs.So we show a few pics and ramble a bit.About 30 minutes ago the quiet night came alive with the start of one of those middle of the night desert winds that come out of nowhere, and sometimes after an hour or two, quietly disappear again.So its trailer rock-a-bye again.

The pic above shows the morning sun cast on the mountains to the north.I was having breakfast when I looked out and saw how the sun at certain angles can really highlight all the shapes that the mountain has,so had to rush out and capture the moment.You can see the difference to the right where there is no sunlight.
Yesterday was a quiet day for me just relaxing and enjoying the solitude here.Ron and Sue as usual got an early start and like every day with them,waste no time getting out to explore.
Ron feels the desire to speak to anyone who comes within his line of sight,so he gleams much info from the locals on what to do and where to go.Sue calls him "Officer Friendly."
Usually high on their list is where to find the best Hamburger and Fry's,then, where is the best birding spot.So yesterday they found their match and were almost defeated by an overly large burger at Los Jilberto"s.They still claim that the best burger that they have had on the whole trip,was at the Dairy Queen in Ajo Az. A scruffy looking place from the outside,but spotless inside with friendly staff and Burger and Fry's to die for.

In the pic above is a view from our site looking east with the Clark dry lake bed to the left of the rigs that are spread out enjoying this, "free to park on", piece of desert.

Here we are looking south.To "Al and Kelly",that is your old spot on the right in the distance,where the camper is parked.The oven still seems intact from my distant viewpoint.

I wanted to show the Humming Bee's (above) with a note that in every one of our stops this winter,that within minutes,and I mean minutes... of arriving,that a humming bird would show up looking for a feeder.Even at desolate Pilot Knob where we found no other birds......Strange! I have to get Ron to stop wearing that red ball cap.

One last thing today,after much trial and error on how to do it...I have a Site-meter on my blog that records all the visits...So now I can see if I'm just talking to myself or not.Just kidding!

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  1. Hi WW..glad you found Jilbertos ! and for the info on the oven..
    Butch has a 2 tone ford truck, blue So. Dakota flag, has a yellow/white dog. Butch has a beard.
    Have another great day !
    Kelly & the Bunch