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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Blogger Comments,Among other things.

I want to say how much I appreciate all the nice comments that I receive each day that I post.

This seems to be one of my failing points as I don't tend to do the same for others like they do for me.I find after reading over 20 blogs each early morning,that time runs out by the time I’ve done that, plus publish a blog,do E-mails and read all my discussion forums..I love discussion forums,as I learn a lot from them.When I go through all the blogs,some are already 15 to 20 hours old by this time and new one’s are just around the corner,so should I hold off and comment on the new one,or add to the old,or do both?

I guess my timing is off because my computer time is sort of weird.As many of you have probably noticed I’m usually on the computer from about 3AM until 6 or 7, as I go to bed early and rise early,a habit I cant seem to break,although I surprised myself the other day when I slept in until 4:30 AM.Must of been stressed out and over tired from all the animal kingdom attacks.

The other excuse I have is that I’m still finding the comment system frustrating, as some of your sites recognize me when I click on “Comments” and others put me through the identification process several times before I’m finally recognized and it goes through…..Am I missing something?Now I sound like I’m making excuses….anyway fellow bloggers,I will try to do better and do my part…Lets face it….we all live for the comments section…Don't we?

And now the other things,I’m trying a picture less blog today just so I can do a little rant at myself.If the famous Tioga George can get away with blogs with just one paragraph some days,then so can I…Anyway I’m older than him.

Life here in Mexico was slow yesterday with a light drizzle most of the day.It was very warm though as the temperature hovered around the 80 degree mark.And now at 4AM its still muggy with all my windows still wide open.I puttered around outside the trailer most of the day with just a bathing suit on.The warm rain felt good, having a poor man’s shower as I worked.I’ll take this over the weather back home or in Arid-Zona where the situation yesterday was, (to quote a friend),sideways gravel, with the wind. 



image001  Ingenious people. Thanks Frank.All joking aside,the Mexican people are very hard workers and innovative too.


  1. I have to agree with you as to the difficulty in making comments most of the time. Just now I started to type this comment and all of the sudden the words are gone and the screen is somewhere else. And when I get it all finished it often doesn't "take" after all. The only reason I stay with blogger is the old saying "Better to stay with the devil you know. . ."

    Mexico sounds great to me, including the weather.

  2. I'm glad you are posting quite often. We have a real cold spell here in BC at the moment so you are lucky where you are. Now if you could send some of that heat up here, we would all appreciate it. Keep the humidity though :-)

  3. I like getting up early in the morning too - like 6:30am, but 3am??? That's still vampire time!! As for problems making comments, I only have that identification problem when I'm not signed into Blogger. You know - that little "sign in" or "sign out" in the very top right corner of the blogger bar. As long as I'm signed in to Blogger, I don't seem to have any problems at all with comments.

  4. Wrote a comment on your site this morning but I think I accidentally diskablooberated it. So, now I'm back. Yes, it is the comments that keeps the bloggers blogging. Without them we would all shrivel up & blow away in the wind. I follow other blogs as well & usually try to make a comment but I know I do miss some. Does that bother me? Yes it does & I always feel kinda guilty but I guess that is just what makes me, me:))

  5. Your not on your own with waking. Doesn't matter what time I go to bed, its 04.30am (for toilet)then 06.00am. Loved the pic of the guys in the wheelbarrows! LOL The comments on Blogger entirely depend, not on you, but how that particular person has set them up. (The person on whose blog post you want to comment on) so if they specify that they want their comments to be 'policed' with a Captcha (where you have to input a word to make sure you aren't some kind of Spam robot) then that is what will occur.