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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Eleven Interesting Days…Now Its Time To Leave.

This past 11 days here at Hacienda Contreras RV Park in Valle de Juarez Mexico has been an interesting one,filled with adventure,frustration,wounds and great friendly people.But its time to leave and find new areas to explore.

But first I must thank our gracious hosts,Sal and Barb Contreras,who are always there for you,making one feel welcome and checking on you each day to see that all is ok and if there is anything I need…..SO,MANY THANKS GUYS..I shall return.


By the time this is being read,I’ll be on the road again heading east,and for the first time this trip,searching out a Pemex station for an overnight.It means little sleep and plenty of (“Jake Brake Lullaby's".) But its an adventure,and the weather is great and I have Miss Garmin (GPS) constantly yammering in my ear,saying recalculating…recalculating….. as I try to find the real truth in where I’m going.Actually she’s quite good on the main highways.

And thanks to Church’s Mexico Travel Guide,(a must have)they put the GPS co-ordinances of every campground in Mexico in their book, making it so easy to locate one in a busy city.


Last Sunday I took an early morning drive over to the city of Sahuayo de Morelos,about 30 miles away.I will be passing through again today as I leave.I wanted to find the latest edition of the “Guia Roji” a great road map book that most travelers use down here.I’ve been using my 2002 version too long and Mexico Is building new roads at a tremendous pace.I was able to find one at an OXXO Convenience store.(Mexico’s version of 7-11)

Next, I was off to find a supermarket,and that didn't take long as I found a Soriana down the street.


Not too often do you find a quiet parking lot,but it was early Sunday morning.Had to get the “Silver Bullet”in the shot.(My Tundra)

Two things I stock up on when I come to Mexico are milk and cookies.

005 006

I think that the Tetra Pac’s of Milk are a great way to go.Your not always searching out fresh milk which is readily available of course,but its the convenience of having several on hand at all times not needing refrigeration until opened. And my favorite cookie,the Palmeras,are just a simple little low calorie cookie that goes well with a couple of slices of papaya.


But we also like to indulge in some of the more (Galleta’s rico) plus the nice orange loaf cake found in the bakery section….No photo….All eaten..

Before leaving the supermarket parking lot,a quick shot of the city’s suburb on the hillside.

003-1 004-1

And a hillside field of Guava on the way back to camp.

And finally yesterday while wrapping up to leave,I wanted to get a shot of one of the many humming birds that are here in the RV park.

003 002

This one was happy to oblige.Identification was the big problem as my “Birds of Mexico” book has about 60 varieties of hummer.The closest I could find was the “Violet Crowned”, It fit the size and location stats.Its quite large,twice the size of the little Ana’s back home.

See you down the road….Just have to find the new ARCO NORTE bypass around the BIG SMOKE,Ciudad Mexico.


  1. Really nice pictures of the hummingbirds. Once in a while a bird will pose for me but I never have my camera handy.

    I've enjoyed your descriptions & pictures of the past 11 days, and look forward to your next adventures.

  2. Good Morning Willie, I am wishing you safe travels today and will be waiting to hear about your next place of adventure... The pictures were great and I really loved the hummingbird ones. I had forgotten about the milk in the carton... We had it when in Guam and I think I'll stock up on a few for our travels into Alaska next summer... It would be great for cereal. Have a FUN and travel safe my friend!

    Happy New Year

  3. Can't wait to see the next 11 days Willy! I've really enjoyed your tours of Mexico, it's been a real educational experience.

  4. Travel well and don't get lost. It's cold here today but sunny. I enjoy your pictures.