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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday Morning Ramblings At Hacienda Contreras RV Park

Ever since Marlene and I started snow birding back in 1998,Christmas has always been a laid back no hassle thing,where we didn't even exchange gifts,pooling our money just for travel expenses.So now as I travel alone at this time of the year,I’m even more laid back and rely on my kids and grandkids back in Chilliwack BC to spend some time with Marlene in her nursing home residence.I don't really know how much Xmas means to her with the brain damage that she has,but knowing that the family is there with her, at least gives me piece of mind.


When travelling in Mexico at Xmas time,I always look for a quiet place to hunker down for the holiday period.Usually the beaches of Mexico are a zoo at this time of the year,as a large majority of the citizens of this wonderful country love to spend Xmas at the beach.

This year I’ve found the perfect place here at Hacienda Contreras RV Park.With only 7 units here now and room for many more,I’ve found my little piece of tranquility.This park is a big area,in fact I walk the inside perimeter every morning in my 40 minute exercise,”fast walk”and it is exactly 1/2 mile around.I get in 4 circuits in the 40 minutes.Although I’m going to have to quit for awhile as I made a bad choice yesterday of wearing my rubber duckies because my feet were getting wet in the morning frost….Yes frost…and the combination caused me to slip and take a tumble,skinning a few fingers,plus the duckies caused blisters on both heals,so its rest time for awhile.  

Below is a shot of my site.I paced it off to be 60ft wide and 120ft long.I’m standing on the roadway at the site entrance to take this photo.Talk about space,I love it,and all on nice grass.

Geeze! My park model lot back home is only 33X45.


One unfortunate thing happened the afternoon I arrived.As Barb and Sal the owners have planted many nice new trees to line the sites,old Willy was trying to turn around and wiped out a pretty little orange tree that I didn't see.(photo on left)knocking off 2 nice little oranges.Sal was very gracious when I showed him.He thinks it will survive ok and be like the one on the right.It amazes me how such a small 1ft high tree can produce full sized oranges.I have offered to pay for a replacement if it doesn’t survive and will stand by that.

019 004

I wandered around the park taking a few photo’s the other day,below is one of many big cactus trees that ring the perimeter wall in an undeveloped area.

005 And a big Eucalyptus tree in the dry camping area at the back.


And one of many Vermillion Flycatchers that flit about all day.


One of the unusual plants in the park,below.


And for the last 2 or 3 afternoons during the last couple of hours before sundown,I’ve watched this large flock of Yellow Headed Blackbirds,swarm around the field next door in tight formation.They never stop.Its amazing to watch as they swoop down into the grass and by the time the last one comes down,they all swarm up again.I couldn't get them all in one shot but my estimate is that there are over 500 of them.No exaggeration.This shot only shows about 1/4 of them.That's a corn stack in the middle.


And here’s a zoomed shot out to the west of us of someone's home.And I mean the one with the 2 domes.That’s one dandy looking Casa.


And last but definitely not least,in keeping with Christmas,I wanted to show off my two GREAT GRAND KIDS….Chloe. She will charm the socks off everyone.


and Nate,looking a little unsure of this guy in the red suit,who is new to him.

100_3834 Merry Christmas guys.


  1. Hi Willy, I haven't been around for awhile, so I did some catching up with you. I really liked your post. I have a new address, if you want to drop by and I hope you do.

    Merry Christmas,

  2. I loved your post today and all the pictures. You really do have a nice spacious site, but watch out for the oranges.

    Beautiful grandchildren!!!

  3. Good Morning Willie... Great post today and I loved all your photos. I have big flocks of Red Winged Blackbirds here in Arkansas where we are staying... If you were closer I'd make that French Toast for you...☺☺☺ Your grandkids are adorable and that Santa was fantastic...Have a great day and I hope you walking wounds heal fast.

    Travel Safe

  4. Great pictures papa!
    Chloe was thrilled to see her picture on your site lol
    Get some rest papa!! and have a great christmas :)

  5. You have a couple of beautiful grandkids, Willy! I can't believe how spacious and nice looking your park is - wow! Even Al might find that place roomy enough for him. Great pics of the area too.

  6. Look after those feet, Willy you need them for a lot longer. Have a great Christmas !