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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Willy'z Just Chillin

I like the Z in my handle as its what I use for my WI-FI identification “willyzplace1.”

013 Life here on the beach is pretty laid back as December is still a slow month.As you can see in the photo above,that there are a few open slots on beach row,but they are reserved for coming days.Everyday I’m enjoying the solitude of my little spot in row 3 where I’m by myself with a good view of my surroundings.

014 The morning after I arrived,(Monday) it was so hot and humid as I lay in bed in the early hours with my computer on my lap,that I though,maybe a week here will be all I can take.

Well my prayers were answered a few minutes later when the rain began to fall and the temperature started to drop.Yes you people up in Arizona….It was the same weather system you got, except it was a little warmer here,and even though the humidity stayed up,the cooler temperatures were real pleasant as I went outside in my bathing suit and sandals and sponged down all the dust from the truck in the gentle rain.I guess Mazatlan got the heavier stuff as we only had showers here.

011 Yesterday dawned sunny and pleasant(1st day photo’s above)with the high humidity gone,I spent the day cleaning out the back of the truck,getting rid of accumulated dust,then started on polishing the trailer.Something I like to do down here in the winter to while away the hours whilst getting a few rays.

Again, this also a great walking beach as I continue to do my early morning brisk walk for 40 minutes.Every other year,I have come back from Mexico with a 10 to 20 pound weight gain and elevated blood pressure.This year I’m bound a determined to keep it under control and still enjoy a few Corona’s.

My attempts at birding around the park area haven't given me any photos worth keeping so far.There is plenty of activity with Kiskadee’s, King birds and a couple of Orioles outside my door,but they don't sit still long enough to get a decent shot.

My ant friends are behaving now and seem to be under control and so far the insect bite situation is almost non existent,although yesterday morning,before a nice breeze came up,a few No See-ems got me as I was standing out in the grass trying to get some bird pic’s.I think maybe I’m taking the right vitamins or something because in all my stops so far,I’ve not been bothered as much as others.

One of the other campers here is an old friend from the Baja trip of 03/04.I haven't seen him since that time even though I find he lives in Abbotsford,just 45 minutes from my home.He is also an internet tri-pod user like myself,so we have new things to talk about.In fact there are 4 of us here with satellite internet plus the camp wi-fi,so no lack of signals here.

I probably wont be posting too much from this location unless I get a little more active and get out and about.I’ve noticed this with other Mexico travel bloggers, when they get on the beach,they disappear for awhile.I’ve got a lot of ground to carry before this trip is over,so the blog posts will be there.

I’m still trying to figure out exactly where to go and which route to take in the coming weeks,as much of it will be new territory for me.And there is one trouble spot right now to avoid which was on my planned route.

By the way,going back to my Pemex rip off of my first day in Mexico.For those of you who follow the discussion forums on,my post on the Mexico Travel section, went 4 pages.I go under the handle of marbil146.I’m still waiting to see if i get a response from my e-mails of complaint,of which,one was to Pemex.

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  1. With all those cement pads lined up it looks like your going to have lots of close neighbors. Yikes!! Tioga George seems to have good luck finding boondocking sites down there but maybe that's a different area than where you are.