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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Some Wednesday Morning Ramblings

Life here on the beach at Teacapan Sinaloa is about the same. I have been here for a week and a half now,and settling in.I’m still almost neighbor-less,giving me lots of breathing room and a good view all around.

024 It will probably stay this way until after New years.A few arrive and a few leave every few days,but no build up of camper population.It may be a slow year as many other area’s are reporting a slow start this year.I just looked at Al and Suzette McClughan’s website,(see near bottom of my sidebar)and they are at Huatapampito now and by the pictures they have taken,it actually looks less crowded than when I was there a couple of weeks ago.

The other day I decided to go into town (Esquinapa)for some shopping and to rob the ATM of a few much needed Pesos.

011 This is a typical Mexican town with typical obstructions like the one in the photo, as a destitute family sits out on the road begging with the help of a local Transito Cop.You really have to feel for these people as I don't think Mexico has a social safety net like we do.Needless to say,old Willy always has a soft spot for these people and added my donation into the cup.Besides I don't want to get on the bad side of the Transito.Another group soliciting,usually on the highways,are the Ambulance drivers,(The Red Cross),and they always get a donation,as some day they may be coming to my rescue.

On the way into town,which by the way is about 25 miles away through farmland and coconut plantations,I came across a small roadside watering hole for cattle,which was full of different bird varieties.The only place i could stop was a hundred yards further up which meant looking into the sun to take any photos.

007  I managed to snap this shot of a Rosette Spoonbill before it took off with the rest of the birds.Too bad I couldn't capture the rose color of the body because of the sunlight.I guess if I were to invest in filters and some knowhow about cameras,that would help ,but right now I’m a point and shoot kind of guy.

There were many varieties including 2 Wood storks which quickly flew away as I tried to walk quietly down the road for a better angle.As Arnold said,”I’ll be back.”

Yesterday morning around 4am,I had an unexpected visitor.I was just writing a comment on Ricks blog when I heard a rattling of my closed mini-blind beside my bed.And then the blind parted and a little pair of eyes peeked out at me.It was this little guy.

002  004 These are mini-blinds so you can see how small he is.Anyway we had a little visit,and did a photo op for him, then gently put him back outside.How he got in is the big puzzler of the day as my screens are fairly tight.

A little recap on the killer bee situation.They are still around as one of the other campers got caught in the showers across the road from me,and also got 3 stings.From what I’m told they don't have a large range,and are probably living in the brush along the edge of the park here.Probably the spot where I was taking pictures of quail the other day.

I guess we all should be aware of our surroundings,wherever we are,be it bees or some clown with a knife or gun.Even the Vultures have been eyeing me up on the beach.

013 Just Kidding.These guys are harmless.

And finally I see the print has gotten smaller on this blog.I will rectify that next time,if my memory banks allow it.Also the comments seemed to work for me this morning on everyone’s blog.Some days good ,some days bad.

For those of you interested in the weather down here,I have the Mazatlan weather on my sidebar.They are about 50 miles north of us as the pelican flies and maybe a little cooler as we are on the northern edge of a more tropical zone here.


  1. Have been to Puerto Vallarta south of you a couple times & enjoyed both visits. I think Mexico is a beautiful place & it's really too bad about all the negative border stuff that one has to endure. That little frog probably rode in on your shoulder one day or quickly hopped inside the day the bees was a chasin ya.

  2. Very interesting post today. I wondered if there were a lot of people begging, and I'm sure there are more in the towns closer to the border. People are hurting everywhere. I liked the wildlife pictures today also.

  3. Do you look tasty do you think? I love to read about your travels Willy, as I have never set foot outside of the UK.Love the pictures as well.

  4. Looks like you are at a nice place. I envy the weather. We are supposed to get one more sunny day and then probably wet snow!!