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Monday, December 7, 2009

I Finally topped 100 Hits today.

I think the SITEMETER is a wonderful tool for bloggers.I know for most of you bloggers out there,that 100 hits a day is peanuts,but its a bit of a milestone for me.

Capture-site meter

Its fun to follow where they all come from.I’ve had hits from all over the world,but not on today's’s 5 pages of all the North Americans hits of the last 24 hours.


I know the Pittsburg Illinois hits are the people on satellite internet.

Capture 2 If I put the curser on the number it tells how long they were looking.

Capture-3   A few weeks ago,someone from the US was on for over 2 hours reading every blog post I’d done.Sort of makes one feel good to hold someone's attention that long.

Capture-4 Of course these are not the actual locations but the nearest server, as I know that the people in my home park are either listed as Hope,Mission, or Agassiz BC.Capture-5 So there’s 5 pages.And a world map of the past 100 locations that the hits came from.

Capture map So as I said before,its peanuts to many of you but for the guy who’s only previous claim to fame was to be smiled at and nodded to, by President JFK back in 1960,its a big step…….And no more Killer Bees and Noisy kids.I must say though,that the young people down here are never a threat like the young partiers back home can be.


  1. Congratulations on your hits ! Sure beats me at 22 hits or so :-( If you read the comment on my Blog today you'll see that your Blog is very much appreciated. I enjoy following your adventures.

  2. Congratulations on hitting the 100 mark, Willy that's a pretty good indication that your blog is highly regarded and visitors are returning daily to read it. I use sitemeter too and always find it fascinating to see some of the places that people live and often wonder how in the world someone in Saudi Arabia found there way to my blog. By the way, I found my server on your sitemeter list - I'm #65 from Duncan!

  3. Good Morning Willie, Congrats on your blog hits... It is exciting to me too seeing how many visit per day... I especially love getting comments on my efforts posting too... I love reading your blog and will continue to visit you daily... Glad to hear the killer bees are gone and it is good to know the kids are not as rowdy as the ones back home... That makes me feel happier about where you’re at. Have a spectacular day and above all travel safe!

  4. If you see Burnaby BC - thats most likely us in Smithers! I think Burnaby is the Telus switch. Wonderful reading your blog!

  5. Atta boy Willy on your 100 hits a day. I'm sure that will continue to grow for you. No matter what anyone says, it sure is nice to look at the numbers at the end of each day. If it weren't for the numbers, the comments, & the emails, I wonder how long many of us would continue. I also like the Feedjit tracker but I'm beginning to suspect it might be a megabyte burner. Keep up the good work Willy & we look for your blog every morning. We are always curious to know who's winning in the Ant-Bee-Willy war:))

  6. Wave Cable from Camano Island. That is probably me, a full timer wannabe who as I get closer to fulfilling my dream, enjoys living vicariously through RV Travel blogs such as yours Willie. Yours is particularly fascinating to me as I Love Mexico...and I am not referring to the all inclusive resort Mexico...!!

  7. YIKES.... How do you stand it...all the creepy crawlies!!!!! :(