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Friday, October 16, 2009

Continuing My Countdown (To the Desert Southwest)

The last blog entry covered 2 of my choices for getting from home to down south.Now that we have arrived in the warmer climes,(blog wise),I want to feature a favorite little spot that we have visited many times,usually at the beginning or end of the winter season.I missed it last season but will try to make it this year for a few days.

Its called Kathrines Landing,and is part of the Lake Mead Recreation Area.Its actually on Lake Mohave,just up the hill from Laughlin Nevada/Bullhead City Arizona.Most RV’ers gravitate to the casinos and parks down along the river below.This camping area is behind the Davis Dam and only a 15 minute drive from downtown.

winter 05-06 027 

It has a nice marina area and a second campground that is full service,but seems to be only open in the summer months.Note the fish in the foreground of the photo below.

winter 05-06 010

The carp actually sit motionless with there heads out of the water,looking for food.The mallards don’t seem to mind as they want food too.

winter 05-06 013

This park was at the last visit, a $10.00 a night park with a small park entry fee extra.We have always found it only about less than a quarter full in early November,but even when we have stopped in late February going home have still been able to get in.

winter 05-06 008

The campground has I believe around 100 sites in 3 circles,one being generator free.Usually one circle is still closed off in November,opening up around Thanksgiving weekend.

winter 05-06 031

The campsites are a little short but quite wide.I was always able to squeeze a hooked up trailer and the van in just barely,which is close to 40 ft.Side by side parking is more than ample.The area is crawling with Roadrunners.Watching 2 of them having sex one spring was well worth the price of admission.

winter 05-06 026

You can see the circle in the foreground closed off.This campground has a double dump station and big garbage dumpsters.Water taps are are scattered around each camping circle.(not in each site)

winter 05-06 037 

And down the hill are the Hotel Casinos of Laughlin Nevada. Bullhead City has all the services including all the big box stores,so its a nice area for a little stay.

winter 05-06 035

On a final note and off the subject,to you fellow bloggers on my list……On several occasions I’ve attempted to add a comment on your blogs and it seems most times I have trouble getting it to go through.I usually use my Google account but some times its just not recognized,so I give up.Yesterday morning I composed a fairly long one to Rick’s blog and it failed then self-destructed,so I gave up and quit…..Any easy answers?


  1. Well, thanks for showing us some ways to go south! We're glad you enjoyed our area of the province on your way from Alaska. Don and Kim

  2. As for the comment, click 'post comment' again. Initially it fails due to some glitch. Click 'post comment' again (even if your post doesn't seem like it's there anymore) and it will come up with the verification word and you will be able to post.

  3. It did that to me for the above comment. It's funny, I have grown up as computers have grown up. My motto "if it didn't work on the first click, click again, it'll probably work now, if not, turn it off, then back on"

    If Cars were made by the same people who made computers, you would be driving down the highway and your steering, brakes, radio, lights, and everything else would stop working, but the car would still be running. You would turn the car off, wait 10 seconds, then turn the car back on and carry on with your day thinking nothing of that incident...

  4. Thanks for the info on Laughlin/Bullhead City - it's always interesting to see pictures, of places we've visited, taken by other photographers. As for the comments? My only suggestion on that is to make sure that you are actually "signed in" to your Google account before you make a comment. For instance, right now as I'm commenting on your blog, I can see the wording: Comment as: Rick and Paulette(Google) in the space right below the white comment box. If you aren't seeing that, then that is probably the source of your problem.

  5. I have enjoyed your Blog for a long time especially the narration about the RVs you have had. That's about the same scenario we went through, only we did not make our own trailer. The tent you had looks exactly like the one we bought in Germany 49 years ago.
    I have tried to leave comments before but never could. Thanks to Rick
    I am able to do so now. Looking forward to following your Blog this winter.

  6. Hi Willy, Vera had a problem posting too, so I made a suggestion to her and it worked. If you are using Firefox as a browser, then check this, o.k. With FF open, click on Tools, Options, then "Privacy". Make sure the box that says "Accept third-party cookies" is checked. See if that helps.