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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

More “Live Writer” practice with some assorted ramblings.


I  had a request from Kelly in my last post’s comments section, regarding what wireless printer I have….So here goes with what little I know. Its an HP Photosmart C4780….Print/Scan/Copy.

   I Bought it at Future Shop for $150.A little more pricey than others with the same features,but I liked the smaller size as my main concern was space in my little trailer.   And the ink cartridge's are cheaper than my old HP by half.


It was a bit frustrating doing the set-up because I didn’t follow the instructions very well and had to remove the program and reinstall, then everything was fine.My router is out in my shed with my Hughes modem and everything works fine.Sure is nice to be able to scan and print documents.(especially for travel)



With my Vista snipping tool(I love this feature)I can download maps,then zoom the pdf and capture the zoom with the snipping tool then print them out.I did this with the new “arco norte”the Mexico city bypass route that’s not on any maps yet, but was in a website.I know there are programs to do this but the snipper works fine.

A final note;This was a long drawn out process today because the medium size photo’s were too large and were cut off on the right hand side,so it took a while to figure what works.For me 400X300 seems just about right.I certainly need more practice in word processing also as I had words ALL OVER DA PLACE!

And I like the underline that tells you that your spelling is wrong,but wish a quick spellcheck was available on the page instead of trial and error until the underline goes away.


  1. It all looks good to me Willy... That is a good looking printer... We have a HP in here and it sits on the counter but is not wireless... When ever it goes wireless will be our next purchase too. I pretty much hate the wires on my countertop... Have Fun & Travel Safe

  2. Right click on the underline for a list of correctly spelled words...

  3. If it's a word that you know is spelled correctly, like a name of a town or a persons name, right click the underline and add it to the dictionary. Then it will won't show as misspelled ever anymore.

  4. ANT-Zee you always come through for me,thanks to all of you for the helpful comments.

  5. My pleasure... I like that you ask questions in your blog, and I am happy to answer them for you. Keep writing!