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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Some Tuesday Afternoon Ramblings.

This morning I was going to post a blog on “getting the stretched look”to your blog,but big Al from the Bayfield Bunch,beat me to the punch,so I’ll get back behind you in the pecking order Al, where I belong.(insert smiley face).

And Al wasn’t far off when he made the comment about about me stretching mine so far that I can hardly get into my computer room.WELL AL! your not far from wrong because my little computer room is only 6ftX4ft.And I know you didn’t know that.


See,I took the photo from the small doorway that I use to sqeeeeeze into the room.


As you can see,I've got a fair sized desk,a bookcase,filing cabinet and big comfy chair.That's one of the reasons I lost 20 lbs this summer,so I can get into the room.

Anyway since I bought my travelling laptop,I’m spending more time in the living room.


In my other comfy chair,AAAAAAAH! Note that I keep it on an old TV table top, for good air circulation and I like using a mouse.This setup is also handy on those cool mornings in the RV when I do my blogging from a nice warm bed,with a hot coffee beside me…..So far I’ve only spilled the coffee all over my bed twice.Still working on that part of it.

Remember in a past blog when I mentioned that when I changed satellite providers from Hughes to Galaxy,that Hughes locked my modem for 6 weeks…..Well the time was up on Sunday and I lost my e-mail too.So I had to go back through Hughes with my new Galaxy identification numbers and re-establish my e-mail.That was fine for my pop mail,but I couldn’t get to my web mail,so this morning I go into the Hughes “customer service” chat and waste 30 minutes just so she can tell me to phone Galaxy in Toronto even though the set up goes through Hughes.It was nice to get through to a tech in seconds and he stuck with me and talked me through all the mail configurations.Even showed me how to configure my messed up desktop unit also.That mail’s been out of whack for weeks.So I’m a happy camper again.

Just a note on the header photo,taking another page from Al’s book.I thought I would get some practice at that.But his recommended photo size was too large so I experimented until I got (800X600 88KB)

We seem to have a nice little group of bloggers,always willing to share Idea’s.


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  1. Hey WW, cool white socks:)) That Hughesnet problem sounded like a real mind bender!! You & I have very similiar laptop/recliner set-ups. I'll have to rustle up a picture. Great header photo.....did you get a polar bear to take that for you??