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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Roper Lake State Park Arizona

3 days and counting before the rubber hits the road for me.I’m salivating just reading The Bayfield Bunch’s Blog as they travel southward and now westward through country that I’m totally unfamiliar with,but would like to see someday.

The final loading will be over these next few days as I have to take advantage of the short time periods when the rain stops. I’m trying to clean up all the deadfall from the trees and do final gutter cleanings,plus all the loading.Mr. weatherman isn’t co-operating too much as the forecast is only going to give me today to get everything done before several more cold steady rainy days begin again.

I wanted to feature a nice little State Park in eastern Arizona that I visited for 2 weeks last November,called Roper Lake.094

This nice little park is situated just a few miles south of the small city of Safford.091

Its a small lake,some people would probably call it a pond,but a great area for birders.I saw more variety's of birds here,then anywhere else in Arizona last winter season.I picked this park in November while the weather was still on the warm side because of the higher altitude.I don't think it would be too pleasant in the Dec/Jan period.083 Most of the sites have nice Ramada’s.It was generally quiet during my time there,with the exception of course of Thanksgiving weekend.

I hadn't started blogging at this time,but had started to find a few blogs and would use them as a good up to date piece of travel info.095 Such was the case when I was at Dead Horse Ranch State Park a few days earlier and I picked up on the “RV- Dreams Journal”,Howard and Linda’s very popular blog.They were at Roper Lake,and talking about having problems with their roof top internet dish system.Since Roper Lake was my next destination,I sent them an e-mail saying that I would be there in a few days and maybe if they were parked close enough,that they could catch my wifi signal. 


As it turned out, the site I selected to park in, was directly across the circle from them.I was still setting up when Howard and Linda came over and introduced themselves,so I gave them my wifi code and they went back to see if it would work.And it did.

They were waiting for parts for their system and it would be another week so they really appreciated the fact that they could handle all the aspects of their very busy blog without having to drive into town and search out wifi.


We all got together with our neighbors one evening at Linda and Howard’s site and enjoyed a good gabfest and some delicious pecan pie that Linda made for the occasion.I’m not going to link it but they took pictures on 2 different blog entries where they showed appreciation for the help and gave me a bit of a feature,of course this pumped me up into thinking,Hey maybe I should start blogging.And now you know the rest of the story.



  1. Hey Willy, I know exactly what you mean about reading Al's blog and wishing we were on our way too - we still have 2 months to wait. Thanks for the pics of Roper State Park, it looks like a very nice place. We'll be in the area next April, so we just might have to check it out.

  2. Thanks for the post 'bout Roper State Park in AZ. My "to do/to visit" list is getting longer and I'll make a note that the month of November (rather than Jan or Feb) might be the ideal time to visit there. DH would love the bird watching there. There is another location in AZ that (I think) is known for its hummingbird population. I love hummingbirds!!! Safe travels Willy!

  3. I, for one, am glad you started blogging. I really enjoy reading it.