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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Countdown Continues

The Friday departure time is closing in on me, and as I get anxious,I wonder, is this bit of a sore throat that I have had for a couple of days,something coming, or do I snore too much.I don't have my “Snore-o-meter”Marlene here anymore to wake me up and tell me to turn over,so I don’t know.I got a flu shot last Thursday,maybe its a bit of a reaction.Oh well,I feel ok so we will see what happens come Friday.

Yesterday I took advantage of the nice sunny day to get the yard cleaned up and some more loading done.I put all my satellite internet stuff in its proper place and thanks to my good friend and neighbor Ron,I’m stealing his wifi for a few days.Gotta love the higher speed.

I thought I would carry on from yesterday and show a few more places that I visited last year around this time,before I was blogging.

The first big stop of a few days was Valley Of Fire State Park,just east of Las Vegas.037

When I arrived at the end of the 1st week in November,the weather had just taken its first big temperature drop of the coming winter season.It was cool but pleasant sitting in the sun.This is the reason why I like to visit the cooler areas early,then drop down to the lower Sonoran desert later.


Another higher altitude spot,was Dead Horse Ranch State Park,(elev.3300ft) near Cottonwood,between Phoenix and Flagstaff.Cottonwood is a nice little service city and the park is just in the outskirts.Its a large campground and found to be un-crowded this time of the year(mid Nov.) Again, sunny in the low 60’s is pleasant for this time of the year at this altitude.

20 miles away is a great side trip to the city of Sedona.Here is my signature picture taken at one of the famous “Vortex” sites above the city.


Some say that the vortex action actually causes these trees to twist.


For those who are interested in Sedona and the vortex sites,googling will bring up plenty of info as I’m sorry I don't have any good links to supply.(I’m also lazy).This area is really worth a visit,the city is  fairly new and modern, with a strong desert southwest architectural flavor.

My next stop in the high country was just a couple of miles east of the, “Corner that you stand on in Winslow Arizona”to quote the well known song. And is called Homolovi Ruins State Park.(Elev.4900ft).


It was in the 50’s and sunny during the one day stop over.The campground was almost deserted.If I remember correctly it was only $15. with electricity,so well worth a stop to see the ruins.Since I arrived around noon it gave me the afternoon to explore.


Many of the ruins of these ancient people dated back to 600AD.The photo above is one of the large gathering places.Again I have no links to provide.


There were broken pieces of pottery laying everywhere,with almost as many signs telling people NOT to take any of them or you will pay a heavy fine.

From here the next day I travelled a little further east,then south through Show-Low and down through some beautiful country on the Apache Nation Lands.Below is the Salt River Canyon,where the highway takes a big winding drop down to the canyon floor and back up the other side.


You can just barely see the road,centre right as it winds down the other side.I was really taken with the beauty of this area.

The rest of the day was spent traveling further south to Globe,then east to Safford and Roper Lake,the subject of yesterdays entry. Finally back down to at least a 3100 ft altitude and warmer weather.


  1. Thanks for the tour and the great pics - it brought back a few memories - especially of Sedona. We visited there for 4 days this spring - what a spectacular place. The red rock mountains are amazing. We'll just have to keep adding these spots to our list of places to visit.

  2. My thoughts will be with you on your trip. You have been in so many places that we have been too. Hopefully the weather god will be with you. Bon voyage!