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Friday, October 30, 2009

Tenecatita Jalisco Mexico….My Last Blast From The Past…For Now.

Copy of travel winter 06--07 022

Tenecatita was another of those places where we enjoyed an extended stay in the winter of 06/07.It is situated a good 4 days drive south of the US border,and one day south of Puerto Vallarta.This is the area where the temperature of the ocean water in winter is in the 80’s and 90’s.So most of my time was spent on the beach,doing my “Bronzed Adonis”wanna-be routine.Below is the entrance to the RV Park,which is just across the lane from the beach.

travel winter 06--07 006 

And here is our little cubbyhole,just around the corner,under the coconut palms.

travel winter 06--07 003

Its just a small village with several beachside restaurants and a few small hotels.It was amazing how many nice sailboats and yachts flying the Canadian flag,that I saw anchored in the bay for a few days.

travel winter 06--07 023

This was Marlene’s last trip.She really wasn’t enjoying it and was afraid of walking on the beach because she was so unsteady,so she stayed around the trailer most of the time.During November and early December,It was so hot that we had a fan going all the time inside,and I did all the cooking outside,just so that I didn't add any more heat to the inside of the trailer.The nighttime temperature usually dropped to 70/75.Nice to sleep away the winter nights with all the windows open,with the exception of the typical Mexican rooster,who doesn't have a watch,or doesn't care.The Iguana’s aren't all that quiet either as they sit up in the palms making their clicking sound.Ahh ya gotta love it.

travel winter 06--07 015

Electricity was too expensive to be running the A/C all the time,and besides,why come to the tropics to sit inside with A/C.That little toaster oven was a Godsend.

travel winter 06--07 012

This is a typical scene around the early January period when these trees come to full bloom.Some are white.

And finally we have to show the nice young lady, Rosa,who did a bang up job of keeping the washrooms and showers clean.She is cleaning beside the outside(sand remover) shower that we use when we come back from the beach.

Rosa at tenecatita travel winter 06--07 037

Today I’m off for some real time Mexico travel,so stay tuned.I will try to post while on the road as much as possible.I’m not travelling far today.Got to make my usual Camping World and Wally World stops.The Bank of America in Sumas Washington phoned me yesterday and they have my new debit/check card,so now I can pay at the pump.Yahoo!

I wont be entering Mexico for a week or two,I will spend some time enjoying the desert southwest.

Rick,your instructions re the fonts seems to be working,thanks.


  1. Looks like a great place to spend the winter! Nice looking beach. Have a safe trip down to Mexico and I look forward to following your blog along the way.

  2. Bon Voyage Looking forward to your trip description. Be safe!

  3. Hey WW are all those 'yippiiiiii's I'm hearing way down here in New Mexico coming from you on your way south:))

  4. It looks like a great trip spot especially the beach which is really looking amazing for travellers.
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