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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Part 2… Our little Red Crab

winter 05-06 087

We arrived at Mr. Moro’s in the early afternoon of the 2nd day,finding it quiet with just a handful of rigs,so we were able to pick out a beachside site.Many stay here for Xmas and New years then move further south to warmer climes,so its a good time to arrive because in the next few weeks the after Xmas hoard from the north start down and the campgrounds get busy again.winter 05-06 122

Playa Las Glorias is a beautiful beach with some fantastic sunsets.Many gather to watch the green flash.Some don't see it or believe it exists,but I’ve seen it.To explain,its at that point where the sun finally disappears and the reaction on the eyeball is a green flash.It seems to be an ocean sunset thing.In this photo it is setting behind a shrimp boat.

This is a wonderful walking beach also,as I enjoy the morning walks.Usually there are fisherman hauling in their nets.I always remember one time when friend Malcolm and I were walking the beach and decided to help a couple of fisherman pull their nets in.We didn't realize that its not an easy task,and ended up a half hour later exhausted,and with raw hands.

winter 05-06 074

We thought there were 2 fisherman a hundred yards apart each hauling in their own nets,but found that it was 2 fisherman hauling in one big net.Anyway we got some free fish for our efforts.

winter 05-06 104

This is the inner courtyard camping area with the hotel and office in the background.

I guess one up side of making the decision to come to Mexico for 2 months,at this particular time was that shortly after arriving,I lost a gold crown and needed to see a dentist.I was directed to a nice Lady Dentista in Guasave,a city 30 minutes away.

The work was done in several visits over a period of 3 weeks and a total of 7 hours,in which she handled a bad infection with a root canal,then had to do some rebuilding to get enough mass for the new crown to hold on to,then installed a new porcelain crown.So for all of this it cost $330.US dollars,and today is still holding well. At home I would have been looking at at least 5 times the cost.She does excellent work.

winter 05-06 107

Mr.Moro”s Hotel/Restaurant/Campground is a bit off the beaten track for most heading south,but worth a visit.The restaurant is excellent and once they had an excellent bar/games room where we would hold happy hours.The place is popular with the local population on weekends.

winter 05-06 124

And finally we get to Dany,a local fellow who does odd jobs at the complex.I talked him into painting me the same logo that is on the tee shirts sold here and similar to the entry sign.It took him awhile to get around to it and he spent several hours over about a one week period,to finish the job,all done with acrylic.And 2 coats. In the top photo you see the back of the trailer before he painted on a smaller version of the same.

So that was our 2 month stay in Las Glorias where you might say, we got crabs.heh heh! I hope some of you have a sense of humor.

In yesterdays blog,I asked about the losing the font setting.the problem was better addressed in Shantz’s reply, as that was what I was trying to convey.Is no one else finding this with live writer?


  1. The campground looks like a beautiful place. Some day I hope I will get up the nerve to go to Mexico on my own.

    I love your logo, by the way. I have been pondering what sort of logo to paint on my RV to convey the "Gypsy" theme.


  2. Looks like a very nice campground, Willy. I like the logo too, it looks great on your rig.

  3. What a gorgeous place to visit... I hope that someday we'll be able to go there too... LOVED your crabs... LOL LOL We have seen the green flash over in Guam when we flew there and stayed 6 weeks visiting our daughter & SIL... It is spectacular! Have a funfilled day Willy.

    Travel Safe

  4. Will you go tho the same place this year? It sure looks nice. I wonder if it still is the same??? If you go I hope it will be just as nice.

  5. Vera,I may stop in and if so will report on the blog,and we can see if there are any changes.The latest hurricane was heading directly toward it this week,but I think its just a tropical storm now.

  6. I hope it did no damage. It is so nice to return to a spot and see that nothing changed for the worse. Good luck.