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Monday, October 5, 2009

Running a test blog through “Windows Live Writer”

    The countdown has begun for Wandering Willy’s new travel adventure,so I figured that maybe I should get used to using “Live Writer”as I may need to use it in my travels on travelling days when I’m not on-line.

It seems that it only takes about a month of being away from a regular routine and the senior moments start to creep in,so…practice…practice and get into the groove.

I thought I would run a post showing my little park-model home here at Tapadera Estates,on the shores of Harrison Bay on the Harrison River,near Harrison Hot Springs B.C….Now that’s a mouthful.008 002

This is a 1997 Security Park Model,built to our own specs in West Kelowna B.C. Its 37 ft long and 12 wide with a full length slide,which was more of a fold out than a slide as it took 2 workers from the factory a couple of days to set up.


I just did something new….I dug out the old photos and scanned them…! Using my new travel wireless printer/scanner.

As you can see in the first pic,this is how it legally comes down the road,then that dark part(which is the floor),drops down and the walls slide out.The light part in the first pic is the roof/ceiling,which is propped up until the walls come out.That loose white stuff is the rubber roof material.009-1 001-1 010 012

The construction is all 2X4 even though its classed as an RV,with duel pane vinyl windows and patio door.warm and cozy even with many windows. 

 So ends my test blog using Live Writer.


  1. Good to read your blog again Willy! That's a great looking site you have there. Looks like you've got Live Writer off to a good start. If I could make one suggestion re pics it would be that you can alter the size of the pics within your blog so that they are wider(i.e. 400px).

    To do this, after you insert a picture, just click on the advanced tab on the right hand pane. There you can adjust the width to the full size of your blog width(400px) and as long as the 'lock ration' box is checked, it will automatically adjust the height too.

    Further, you can set a default size for pictures by just clicking on the 'ruler icon' next to size and changing the 'small' to 400 x 300 and saving it. After that, all you pictures will be inserted at the full width of the page. If you want them to be smaller, you can always change them after they are inserted.

  2. Your test blog came through loud & clear & looks just fine way over in Ontario. You may want to think of trying out the 'stretched blog' look too although it's not a live writer thing but a blogger thing. Mine is stretched & so is Laurie & Odel's over at Semi-True Tales which can be found on our, 'Blogs we follow' list. I have the instructions on how to do that somewhere but not sure where. I got them from Laurie & Odel. Live Writer takes a bit of clicking & playing around with but I'm sure you'll have it down pat in no time.............

  3. Looks great to me and the place looks beautiful... So glad to see you on and can't wait to hear about your next adventure!

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  4. Hi W.
    Could you post a picture of your new wireless printer/scanner? what brand etc..
    K. from TBB