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Monday, October 19, 2009

Injecting A Little Northern Humor.


First off,I want to thank all of you who responded to yesterdays post with all the kind words.I just felt that if I was to continue blogging,that I should at least connect all the dots.

On my trip up north last July/August,I found 2 books of interest.One, was of of great importance and help, and the other, full of northern humor,and was a delightful read.

I suppose most of you have heard of the “Milepost.”For 1st timers to the north,it is pretty much a must for smooth sailing.It consists of 800 pages of mile by mile and Kilometer by Kilometer road log, covering almost every road.Starting down in Washington/Idaho and Montana and going up as far north  as the roads go.It has every bit of info needed for campgrounds,food,things to see,even what to see around the next bend in the road and so on and so on.As you can see by the front cover, that it covers a lot and they have a new edition each year,I believe.

So for any of you planning a first time trip to the north,I recommend it.It can be found in most stores in the north country or go on-line and purchase before leaving.They are well worth the cost.

The other book (below)is a 160 page comic with a northern flavor called Tundra.Its done out of Wasilla Alaska,a suburb of Anchorage.



 I picked this out of a choice of several editions from an interesting store in Dawson City Yukon.

This Place.


It was very hard getting out of that place before spending a hundred or so.I was like a kid in a candy store.

Here are a few examples from the comic.





Capture-xxThe start of hunting season.



I want to thank Vera’s blog for giving me the idea of adding some cartoon humor.It also gave me a chance to use my Vista snipping tool and my scanner.Haven't tried Print-screen yet.


  1. I love the snipping tool and use it often. Hopefully Windows 7 will have it too. Print screen is good too but the snipping tool is much easier to use. Loved your cartoons :-) the first one is priceless.

  2. Great post this morning, Willy! And Vera, yes the snipping tool is included in Windows 7.

  3. Thanks, Rick I am glad to hear that.

  4. Humor is the spice of life & sometimes blogs can get a bit dry without it. Cartoons are nice way to bring variety but when your in Mexico don't forget to convert the Mexican Spainish toons to English for us northern folks:))