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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Short PhotoTour Of our local Area.

Earlier in the week I invited the readers of this blog inside my modest little Park-Model home,and last spring I featured the Park where it is situated,so this time I wanted to show some of the area around this park.First just to set the location here is the Google map view. As I’m a member of the Datastormusers forum,along with several other forums like,of which some of you are members.I use the handle “marbil146”but usually just lurk unless I can give some input of use.I’m digressing again.Below is the Harrison River,which flows out of Harrison Lake near Harrison Hot Springs B.C.This is the view looking west toward Mission,taken from the highway 7 bridge.


This is a view looking east toward Harrison Lake,which is really just around the corner in this shot.The lake is just a couple of miles away and the river is only a few miles long because it flows into the Fraser River just to the left of the first photo.


The whole area is called Harrison Bay and in the next few weeks it will be crawling with bald eagles as they descend to feed on the salmon run.Without any exaggeration,I have counted as many as 25 eagles perched in one tree at the same time.  


Our park “Tapadera Estates”(a self owned RV park) is just around the corner to the left in this zoomed photo above.As you can see the area is dry right now but during the spring and summer,the bay fills up right to our boat launch.Right now its an open field with the Chehalis River running through it.


Here is the highway swing bridge and in the background is the Sandpiper Golf Course.Our park is almost next door to the northern edge of the golf course.


And last but not least,is the local watering hole,called “The Sasquatch Inn,”which is the hub of the village of Harrison Mills. One of the things I did not show was the famous historical site,Kilby,which is right here also,so for those who are interested,I’ve supplied a link.It’s probably the most important attraction in this area.

So for me this has been another practice session using Live Writer.


  1. That's a really nice area you are in & it reminds me of the Okanagan Valley where I spent a few years in the early 70's.

  2. Nice looking place there Willy - thanks for the pics!