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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Patagonia Lakes State Park


I wanted to finish off my early season tour of Arizona State Parks with the final one visited early last December.


The drive from Roper Lake was only a few hours.This is me hobnobbing with the big boys at the I-10 rest area near Benson.And speaking of Rest Area’s,I hear from the scuttlebutt on the forum,that most of the rest areas in Arizona have been closed due to cost cutting.This is a shame,as they are important stops for taking a break.I suppose all the on/off ramps will be plugged up now.


The country on Highway 82 between Sierra Vista and Nogales,is really pretty,with rolling hills and odd shaped mountains, and small ranch operations usually at the foot of them.


I arrived at the park just before noon.This place is back off the highway a few miles and is only a half hour drive into Nogales.As you can see by the picture above,that like all the others,it is a quiet place this time of the year(Altitude 3750 ft)


As you can see there are plenty of open spots.I found it a little scruffy as the place looks well used during the summer season.These pictures are of the dry camping area.There is a loop with water and elect.And a dump station at the entrance to the park.Non electric $15.Electric $22.The electric area was more full and would totally fill up most nights.


Its a pretty spot with a nice boat launch area,good fishing and birding.


The park is 2.5 miles long with a lake surface area of 265 acres,created by the damming of Sonoita Creek.

All in all a pleasant place to stay for a week or 2.The weather was mild for the 2 weeks I spent there,well at least into 50’s and 60’s.

017 And we must clown around,mustn't we?

NOTE…I'm still frustrated by the fact that every time I insert a picture,I have to reset the font size.Sometimes not,but most of the time.I like using the larger print.


  1. We were at Patagonia SP in December 07 but discoverd a water problem with our 5th wheel so left the next day for Tucson & repairs at Beaudry. Nice park & would liked to have stayed longer.

  2. Looks like a really nice park Willy... We will be in Arizonia around February and hopefully we will visit this one... Loved your picture with the cactus... Wow that was really a big one! LOL

    Have Fun & Travel Safe

  3. Hi Willy, looks like another nice park you've found - thanks for the pictures! About the font problem - Live Writer picks up the default font from your template in Blogger, o.k. So, if you want to use larger fonts as a default, I think you will have to change them in blogger and then get Live Writer to download the new format. Briefly, here's how: In Blogger, click on Dashboard, Layout, Fonts and Colors; then select "text font" and using "larger or smaller" change the font size to larger and "save" the new settings.

    Go back to Live Writer and click on "blogs, then edit blog settings". Then click on "update configuration settings".

    This should set your default to the larger font, o.k. No guarantees, but give it a try if you like because remember - Live Writer only uses the settings you have made in Blogger!

  4. Hi Willy, I tested this theory out about changing the default font in Blogger and it worked o.k. for me. I can now insert a picture in Live Writer and the larger font remains as the default - let me know if it worked for you, o.k.