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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Back Home Again.....The Final Entry

To carry on from the last entry.....We left the Pass Creek campsite at 7:30 Thursday morning,just after the rain stopped.Travelling north through Eugene,there was fresh snow on the ground at elevations below 500 ft.There were a few left over rain squalls,but a nice day for driving.Portland was a nice quiet drive through the centre as was Seattle, surprisingly.We hit just the right times through both cities,Portland just after the morning rush,and Seattle just before the afternoon rush.

Getting used to the big drop in temperature was the big thing as it was in the 30's at Marysville Wash,when we stopped at the Tulalip Casino's r.v. parking area.There were very few returning snowbirds,maybe 8.Usually there is a big crowd.
Yesterday morning dawned a nice crisp sunny day near freezing as I said goodbye to Ron & Sue and set out alone for the final 2 1/2 hours to home,stopping at the nearby wal-mart for a final few food items you cant get at home.(found some more chicken fried steak)
It was around 10:30 am when I arrived at the Sumas border crossing.It was very quiet,only 2 cars in front of me.Maybe that's not a good thing because they pulled me in for an inspection(first time ever.)They went through the van and trailer with a fine toothed comb,finding a receipt for the new tires that I was forced to buy back in early Nov.(BUSTED!)They seized everything and made me sweat for over an hour in the waiting area.Crazy thoughts were going through my head....Are the mounties going to come through the door any minute,and cuff me? They asked me before the receipt was revealed."Are you sure you have nothing else to declare?)I didn't want to backtrack at that stage for fear of getting into trouble,but that was a mistake as they showed me the receipt for $1800.U/S, and they were giving this dummy a last chance to come clean.
Finally they gave me the benefit of the doubt because I told them if I was trying to hide something,I wouldn't have left the receipt where they could find it.And that I just forgot,because I'm and old fart.
It makes me wonder,are times a changing?Or is it because I'm travelling alone now.I've never had any problems crossing both ways before when the wife was with me.So now I'm $308. poorer in duties, with a lesson learned,and some very expensive tires on both van and trailer,because the same tires at home would have cost half of what i totally paid.
Arriving home very humbled and in a mild state of shock,all was well with the little park model I call home,and I quickly got the water and furnace turned on and proceeded to unload....Now its back to my Archie Bunker chair and big screen t.v.

I enjoyed the 2 months of doing this blog,it became almost an obsession,seeing if i could make entry's daily...I think i missed only 2 you readers,keep this in your favourites and occasionally check for my next wandering adventure.



  1. Sorry to hear about the border experience. We have had a few ourselves, but nothing quite like that. Very unsettling and upsetting ! Thanks for the reminder. Hope you can get acclimatized there.
    All the best,

  2. Glad you made it home safe papa
    talk to you soon and great job on the blog!