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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Moving Day

After 12 days here at the big lake,its time to move on,as we will be doing later this morning.....No rush though,as we will only be travelling about 55 miles.Hopefully our next stop will be In "Joshua Tree National Park." This means higher elevation and cooler temps as we go from 227ft below sea level to 3100ft above at the Cottonwood Campground.And again,hopefully we will find a couple of spots.We usually travel on Tuesdays or Wednesdays to get away from any lingering weekend crowds.
We plan on spending our final week exploring this fairly large park at least a little bit, before heading toward home a week from today.As the time draws near,I've been watching the long range forecasts,trying to decide which route to take home as we have possible snowy passes to deal with.At least the coastal route is always there for the taking,albeit slower.
It will be nice to get away from the noise of traffic and trains here,as both the 111 highway and the main line of the Union Pacific are very close.I estimate that at least 5-10 trains pass every hour,day and night,in fact some of the more heavily laden trains actually shake my trailer like a small earthquake as they climb the slight grade here.I wonder how stable the ground is .We are right on the San Andreas Fault Line.

Yesterdays storm turned out to be just a day of light showers here,although Ron said that in La Quinta it was heavy, as they were in town doing their final stocking up.
And guess what.....Yes a new group of evacuees from Salt Creek Campground yesterday,getting away from the gumbo.Hopefully someday they will do something about that undeveloped campground, as its a nice spot right on the edge of the lake.
Gov. Arnie S was supposed to close this Recreation Area last year as a cost cutter,and may still do it as the state is broke.....It would be a shame.
Our last bird pic's from this area...above..."Says Phoebe"

Below.... "Western Meadowlark"

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