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Thursday, February 26, 2009

Pass Creek County Park....Curtin Oregon..Day 3

Well...another travel day is under our belt.Yesterday we left Rolling Hills Casino just after 7:30 a.m. in an overcast with temps in the high 40's,topping 50 shortly after.It was dry over the hump,(Siskiyous.)Below is the rest area near Hornbrook Ca.,just before entering Oregon and Siskiyou pass.Taken around 10:30 am and 50 degrees at this higher altitude. We even had some sunny breaks as we repaired some wiring on the connection to Ron & Sue's" towed", after a little mishap in the gas station at Redding.

It was dry and mild all the way to Grants Pass Oregon.....Then the rains came..and came.It was only 1:30 when we reached Seven Feathers Casino truck stop for fuel....So we decided to put in some more road time.We put in another 65 miles and found this delightfull little"waterlogged" campground,just off the I-5 near Curtin.
But as you can see in the next picture,just a little swamped.You wonder why we picked water filled sites,instead of dry one's?Well,these were the only ones with a clear enough shot for the 2 satellite dishes.
This park would be a real jewel in drier times,as its nicely landscaped with a small lake full of Canada Geese and a few muscovy's.The only down side is much of what the geese leave behind is all over the campsite.

This park is full hookup,$20. And we needed to have a little power for a change,just to hunker down for the evening in the pouring rain and have unlimited Internet and T.V....And just as well because when I turned on the evening news from Vancouver and saw the blizzard happening out in our area of the valley,with cars in the ditch all over Sumas Prairie.....I said to myself....Oh no! not again,as I walked into a 2ft snowstorm several years ago...and don't want to do it again.....And now they are complaining of the high heat down on the desert.....sheeesh!

I've been spending the last hour on line,getting weather info for the regions that we will be travelling in today.The freezing level even down here, is 500 ft,but we are just about out of the hills now as we will reach Eugene in the first driving hour,and it levels off there.Right now as I write this,its pouring rain.

Today we will travel to and hunker down at the Tulalip Casino in Marysville Wash.And go home Friday permitting.

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  1. Good morning! I'd enjoy having internet access & TV when camping but I'm not very familiar with what's involved (other than having a dish of some sort, of course) or how to get it set up. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks, Gary.