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Saturday, February 7, 2009

Today Is For The Birds...(Or About Them)

Today Sue takes over the blog with pic's that she got on the day we arrived here.With just a short walk down the beach and still within the camping area....she was able to capture a bit of what this lake has to offer the birder.
In the pic above there are hundreds of Northern Pin-Tails sitting with the White Pelicans,along with a few Sandpipers,Avocets,Black Necked Stilts and Ring Billed Gulls and maybe a Black Bellied Plover or two.
We all admit to not being very good on shore bird identification,so bare with us you birder readers of this blog.

Now some close-ups from the top picture.

Black Necked Stilts.

We think..a Western Sandpiper above.

American Avocet below.

The raised plate on the bill of these Pelicans,is a breeding sign.

A juvenile Ring Billed Gull

Its so nice to look out the window just as the sunlight hits the water about 7a.m. and see a half dozen Pelicans gliding along close to shore,with the brightness of their white plumage contrasting with the blue of the water.
I spent most of the day yesterday just sitting and watching the activity on the water and shoreline behind the trailer.At least a half dozen Pelicans were there all day.
Ron and Sue spent the day at the "Sony Bono Wildlife Refuge" at the bottom end of the lake,and came back with tales of a good birding day with some nice pics that I hope they will share.

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