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Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Little Picture Tour Of The Palm Springs Area

To continue my little drive around on the day I visited the Palm Desert Marriott....Upon leaving the Hotel,I set Miss Garmin for the nearest Taco Bell and she got me there in short order,(no pun intended) where I ordered my favorite #6...2 Chalupas,Beef Supreme and a Taco,washed down with a large Mountain Dew.....Oh Ya! Then she found me the nearest gas station(above)and I was on my way west to look at the "Wind Generators" at the entrance to the valley.

I can see why they have them here as I found the wind picking up as I got closer.I've seen these things at a distance many times,but up close they are huge.
There are hundreds of them all over.Many in the background of this shot,plus to the left and right.

Now I head south and pick up Palm Canyon Drive going into Palm Springs.This I believe is the main business thoroughfare as It had many interesting little shoppes and restaurants.I found no place to park and take pictures down in the busy part but did further out.I love the contrast between the palm trees and mountain snow.

I found a place to park and take some street scenes further back.

Whoa!...I'm acting as a "Red Light Camera" here.Glad I stopped to take a pic before entering the crosswalk on a green light.I got your name guys..."Desert Landscape Design."

And finally in a large parking lot near the Civic Center,I spot people taking pictures of a strange looking mobile hot dog(below)

I had to get myself in the pic,so I solicited a couple of "Gay Guys" into taking a pic of me and the Wienermobile.Of which one obliged happily.

By the way,I brought up the "Gay" thing because......Did you know that in the Palm Springs area that over 1/3 of the population is Gay and Lesbian.......No I'm straight!

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