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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Black Rock Canyon Campsite...Joshua Tree N.P.

Below is where we are right now and will be spending our final 2-3 days here before the run for home.We are watching the weather forecasts for the best day to hit the Siskiyou Pass into Oregon.This is Black Rock Canyon campsite,the headquarters for the Joshua Tree National Park.
We are at a higher altitude here,4000 ft. as opposed to the last stop at 3000 ft.

Yesterdays travel day was again a short one,covering about 90 miles total as we had originally planned on stopping at the Indian Cove campground,just in from the town of Joshua Tree,but found it's 101 sites totally booked for the weekend as its a rock climbing hot spot.So back out and west along the 29 palms highway to the city of Yucca Valley,then up into the park again here at Black Rock.

The trip yesterday took us from the low desert country(below)...

To the high desert country,with a forest of Joshua trees.

Stopping along the way to check out a few campgrounds.Below is a typical one called Belle.And belle it is with the many rock formations giving privacy between sites.It reminded us of our first big stop in Nevada,at Valley of Fire, in November.

We always stop at Skull Rock for a break.

Skull Rock.

And of course photo-op time again.

Me too.

Another stop along the way.

And finally dug in at the campground,and I mean dug in,as its so badly sloped,that I dug a hole for the left side wheels,then added blocks on the right hand side.Its always been like this here,but we learn to live with it as its a nice spot to camp, and I've never found it crowded considering its close proximity to a large population base.
Its a nice view here as you can look down into the valley and see the city of Yucca Valley,1000 ft below us.

There is snow on the ground just a little above us,but yesterday was shirt sleeve weather,even with a high thin cloud cover.The big factor wind....sure makes a big difference....So we will see what today brings.

Our new location

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  1. Howdy, I came across your blog a few days ago and wanted to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading about your travels, especially to the Salton Sea and Joshua Tree areas. I've do some tent camping in both places and enjoyed your narrative and photos.