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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

A Slow "News" Day

I have to show these 2 sunrise shots from yesterday morning as some black storm clouds were passing over.Sometimes my old Canon point and shoot gives me some nice shots.
Actually,I was still in bed(puter on lap)and glanced out the window, seeing the reflection in the van window,so I rushed out in sort of a state of undress to catch the redness before it started to turn yellow.Boy! You sure see some fantastic sunrise/sunsets on the desert.

With some more shots taken here at Mecca Beach,I wanted to talk about our first day,last Thursday at Salt Creek Beach.We had just set up when Ron noticed a "little ole big eared mouse" running around outside my trailer.When we tried to chase him away,he would keep coming back to the trailer.We didn't know if he was sick or confused but it seemed like the trailer was the only familiar thing to him and he wanted to stick with it.
I've had no evidence of mice inside on this trip so we figured that he was either a local who was retarded,sick....or he came with us from Borrego hitching a ride, and the trailer was home....Well to make a long story short...he is now in a nice grave on the beach.I felt bad about doing the little guy in...but if he'd gotten inside,then I'd have big problems. I tried to chase him down the beach...but he kept coming back to the trailer. I don't like killing anything,except flies maybe, and really did feel bad about it....So ends the tale of the "Little Ole Big Eared Mouse".

Shortly after the mouse incident,we had a nice visit from a middle aged couple we saw poking around on the beach in front of us.Of course as soon as Ron saw them,a conversation started and they came over.We thought they were r.v'ers but they were "Big Rig" man and wife Truckers,taking a break.(we saw the big red rig parked up off the highway)They were from Florida and killing time until the next day when they were to pick up a load of lettuce in Yuma Arizona, to deliver to a port in Florida, for shipment to Puerto Rico. Ron had them in stitches telling tall tales of life in the "Great White North."We always enjoy the southern accent as they probably got a kick out of Ron saying "Aye" after every sentence.

This is me in our campsite's back yard.I love these feathery Salt Cedar Trees.At least I think that's what they are.Correct me if I'm wrong.

Below some more of the great bird shots that Ron & Sue have taken at the Sonny Bono. "An Eared Grebe".

And a "Black-Necked Stilt".

My daily thought: Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day.....Teach a man to fish,and he will sit in a boat all day drinking beer.

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