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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Is Wandering Willy World Famous?

During the the past 2 months,this novice blogger has learned to add a few features like "local weather" wherever I travel,and a "Google Map" of the travel route along with a link to the "Datastorm users map" each time I move to a new location,such as yesterday.This last one,I sorta like because you can keep clicking on the map to zoom in,or you can go to the top right of the page and click on the Google Earth symbol and zoom that and actually see the actual campsite that I'm in....Sorta cool.

The first thing I added for myself was a "Sitemeter,"with several ways that you can look at it.(see below).This tells me how many visitors look at my blog each day,week etc.This is one of 2 pages for the last 24 hours.You can see I have twice as many readers as my blog reader list.
This page(below) shows where the hits are coming from.Now some I recognize as family and friends,example Surrey which is the Shaw Internet portal.And Perryville,Missouri and Metropolis Illinois are Hughes Satellite.Now for the first time I get a hit from Shanghai and Paris.....What-up with that?
This past week in the blog,I made mention and showed another in a photo,saying his name and home town in Washington State....Then for 2 days I got hits from the Washington State Government site....Are they checking me out?Hmmmmm!

What really has me confused for the last month,is a "regular" reader from Fort Saint John B.C. Please identify...add a comment in the comment section.You really have my attention.....And to Gary who did just leave a comment....Thanks..

I guess, like they say....Put stuff on the Internet....and its out there for the world to see.Maybe more than you would like.
Just for a chuckle the other day,I Googled myself and found that my blog was linked to an r.v.park on-line newsletter in Borrego Springs.I never even visited the park.

Oh well,its all coming to an end in a few days and its almost become an obsession trying to see if I can keep a daily blog going,as many of the blogs I follow just have a couple of pages a week.(But not all..Al&Kelly....You go guys,your my favourite)
I'm going to miss doing this,but will start again as soon as I hitch-up for another trip this summer or fall.
I will try and keep this going for the next few travelling days,depending on the time factor each stop, and location.I don't want to be setting up the dish in a Wal-mart parking lot,do I?

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  1. Wonder how our Verizon air card shows up on Site meter? I'm sure you will be doing "something" interesting when you get home.We'd be interested in seeing & reading about things in your home area !
    Joshua Tree looks beautiful !