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Monday, February 23, 2009

The Trek Begins...Time To Leave The Desert

We are all hooked-up and ready to roll at 8:00 this morning,so with a final look at the beautiful Joshua trees sweeping down into the Yucca Valley toward the city with the same name,we say goodbye to the desert southwest for another snowbird season,and spend our final day travelling across the Mojave and down into the "Big Valley"aka the old t.v. series, at Bakersfield.
Its been mild here at 4000 ft for the last 3 days,even with an overcast yesterday and a few spits of rain.I think the warming trend of spring is beginning as the morning air has been filled with the songs of nesting season.Yesterday the Thrashers were singing there hearts out with a huge variety of warbings.What a beautiful sound they make.And of course the raspy sounds of the cactus wren to add to the blend.
I took a last hike up one of the overlook trails after breakfast and just enjoyed all that the desert means to me.....I always miss it when I go home....I guess that's why I'm drawn to the south Okanagan in the summer for a visit, as it contains Canada's only true piece of desert,but doesn't have the same plant life,or favourite birds.
I received a couple of responses about yesterdays post on the Sitemeter,so wanted to show today's with an added view.
Below is another view of today's. Much of the "Shaw" shows no time but I know that they have time on them....maybe less than a minute doesn't show up.
Kelly...You asked about your air card...Is that yours below? (#12)All times are Pacific.

I see we have picked up one from Barrie Ontario now.Hope showing this doesn't scare people away.

And last, but certainly not least......Sue has been beating the bushes here and has come up with a couple more bird shots.I believe a Scrub Jay...

And a Ladder back. Thanks Sue.

This is a great shot!


  1. Hi WW...Al here from The Bayfield Bunch. Always a sad time leaving the southwst because one never knows if they will be back but at least you have another sack of great memories to take back to Canada with you. You mentioned the Okanagan. I lived in Vernon for about 3 years back in the early 70's. Take care & I've enjoyed reading your blog. I'll still keep an eye out for you. And remember, "the only thing better than right now will someday be the memories of right now." AL:))

  2. Hi papa
    doing a great job on the blog!
    I check it every morning while chloe is getting ready for school between 7:30 and 8:30am
    travel safe!