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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Travel Day--2 Rolling Hills Casino..Corning Ca.

Yesterday was an 8 hour travel day,starting with a nice sunrise,quickly followed by dense fog as we got underway at 8am.It cleared after 30 minutes.As I always do,I stay on parallel highway 43 until it meets 99 at Selma,just south of Fresno.This way I can always pass the big state prison at Corcoran,and I can shout good morning to my uncle Charley Manson(tongue in cheek)In fact I used to shout good morning to Robert Downy Jr. also, but he's out for a while,I guess,doing Oscars.
Still fighting with Miss Garmin,my gps,she refuses to work down in the location that was fine for 2000 miles this fall.Now she seems only to be happy up on the windshield where I don't want her.
We stopped for lunch and gas at a suburb of Stockton.Parked in the Jack-in-a-box parking lot and walked over to Taco Bell.Hey!Ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

The temperature stayed much the same the whole day as we travelled north,around 62(18c) and sunny.We arrived at 4 here at the casino.It was still quiet but filled up over nite.
Below is the casino campground,not too busy as much of it was blocked off.I prefer the truck area.After all the trains this winter,a few idling trucks don't bother me much.

Today is hump day,which means we go over the hump(siskiyous) and down into Oregon,about noonish,and probably a big drop in temperature also.We may try a different campsite near Eugene as apposed to the 7 feathers casino,which is too early and not far enough for the day.



  1. We've got lots of warm air down here in Arizona right now if you need some........ AL.

  2. Thanks Al....sure know how to hurt a