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Monday, February 16, 2009

Waiting For The Winter Storm "On Presidents Day"

As we enter our final day,"Presidents Day," a holiday here in the U.S.,we have the biggest winter storm of the season approaching the coast as I write this.Being that the coast is some 90 miles west, as the crow flies,I don't know how much of an impact it will have here on the desert.I was listening to K.N.X news radio in Los Angeles an hour ago and they are predicting up to 5" of rain on the coast and up to 3 ft of snow in the mountains between us and L.A.They expect I-5 on the Grapevine, to be closed for a while.
So with the impending storm,I decided yesterday to do my final running around in preparation for our Tuesday morning departure.

First stop,the little town of Mecca to do laundry......I found a full and busy...scruffy little laundromat...I thought all the Hispanic people went to church on Sunday morning!.....Go figure.So since I was going into the Palm Springs area anyway to shop,I set off to find another laundry.And found a nice big one in Coachella.And again I found myself the only non Hispanic,but hey! after all those years in Mexico,no problemo.Even the big "Food for Less"supermarket down the street,which was to be my next stop, is more like a supermarket in Mexico,with many of the Mexican brands. I walked out putting my empty cart away and headed for the nearest Burger King to refuel, then get groceries at the La Quinta Super Wal-mart.

We were all given coupons here,for a free "Date Shake",so on the way back I stopped at the "Oasis"again and had my second one in a week....pretty good since my last time was 10 years ago,I'm slowly catching up.Had to jump up and down a bit to make room after the Whopper and fries.I guess this was my "Oh to heck with the weight gain" day,although it was my first burger and fries in 3 months.Anyway,that mixture of soft ice cream and dates,is a real treat.(below) And it went down fast and easy.

I must include some more of Sue's excellent photo's taken around this area.Below is a... Double Crested Cormorant.

A Marbled Gotwit

A Greater Yellowlegs.


  1. Ya, I know about that jumping up & down to make room for the shake. Safe travels to-morrow & where are ya headed?? Is this the beginning of the homeward trek. Bummer if it is eh. I don't read many blogs but I do always check yours to see what your up to. Kelly is the blog reader in our family. Stay in touch WW:))

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