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Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Borrego Badlands From Font's Point View

I've been here for almost 2 weeks and didn't really realize what was just over the distant ridge a few miles from our campsite.So as yesterday morning was dawning as another warm windless day, an early start was in order.

The destination was Font's Point View, 4 miles up a dry wash road that was only recommended for 4x4 vehicles,but I figured the old van with its posi-traction could do the job...Well it was a bit of a white knuckle experience as I hit my first bit of soft sand and slithered around a bit.Stopping and turning around was not really an option at this point as each side of the main travelled part of the wash was deeper and softer.Much of the main travel part was heavy washboard mixed with soft sand.
It was a nice gradual climb of over 500 ft in the span of 4 miles, and other than a few rough spots that I didn't see coming, due to the glare of the sun on the white sand....that stretched and compressed the van's suspension in quick was sort of a nice drive.

The last bit to the parking area was a narrow one way road.Once parked it was a short walk up the hill........and WOW!....what a view...It was a straight drop off of up to 900 ft below as I stood behind the cairn not wanting to get any closer to the edge.

This spot is noted as one of the most breathtaking views of the whole desert southwest.
This pic(above) was taken standing at the edge with one leg back and hoping that a sudden gust of wind didn't materialize.

Looking east,you can just see the Salton Sea in the distance with the Chocolate Mountains behind as they point off to the southeast and the Arizona border.(difficult to get a good shot looking into the sun)

Below....looking south.

Below we are looking to the west and the north end of Borrego Springs.All the dark area is miles and miles of citrus groves.And at the base of the small Coyote mountain in the foreground is the Peg leg Boondocking spot.Our camp is located just at the right edge of the pic,600 ft down from my vantage point.

This is a little further to the right and the Clark Dry Lake,which is where we will end today's little journey.(The white patch)Almost 900 ft below my vantage point.

Its hard to believe that millions of years ago this area was a grassy Savannah with lakes and streams.mammoths,sloths,zebras and sabre toothed cats roaming around.

We are now coming back down the wash.

The wash actually travels all the way down to the Clark Dry lake,but we get on the highway and travel back past our camp and down the gravel road to reach it.

We have finally reached our destination in what is called the "Borrego Sink" (Clark Lake)at 400 ft,actually lower than Borrego, down in the valley by 200 ft.
You can see the white salt deposits of the lake bed.

GOOD LORD! There's some clown out there crawling along yelling something about WATER......WATER......or beer or something.

NOTE: all elevations taken using Google Earth.....I forgot that I had my Garmin GPS with me.........DUMMY...........

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  1. meant to say thanks for posting the coyote picture... we had certainly heard them...but never saw one.
    Any dessert blossoms yet? I know they were talking late Feb. We did see a couple of lily bloomes. Kelly