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Thursday, February 5, 2009

Goodbye Borrego Springs...Today Is Moving Day.

As another two week stay comes to a close,I must say that its been an enjoyable one.
But 2 weeks in any one spot is usually enough,even though I didn't see or do everything I wanted.I guess laziness and warm days made the horizontal position more appealing.....That's why I snowbird.
This spot is a "must return"and the price is right.Free camping in an old desert gravel pit is not everybody's cup of tea,but if you want privacy and quiet,this is the place.And all the sights are a short drive away.Our only regret was the difficulty in getting rid of our household garbage as many dumpsters are locked or watched carefully.The one dumpster we were using,off by itself in a big square,magically disappeared one day.

I like the quiet,easy access to the shopping around the town,without the heavy snowbird traffic clogging the streets,like in Yuma.Look at the main street in the above pic if you don't believe me...Look comes a bicycle!

So...A short look back with photo's of this region.....Below is one of the miles and miles of citrus groves that dot the area north of town.Look at all these grapefruit.Right along the side of the road......No midnight shopping for this guy as a large bag of them can be purchased on the honor system,for $3.00....besides that's way past my bedtime.

Here is an R.V. Park on a golf course.Hard to get a shot through a chain link fence.

Below is an Ocotillo cactus with its red blooms coming out.

And below again is what is called a "Smoke Tree".....very pretty in the sunlight for something that is just plain white.

Wandering Willy really does love the desert,but he has to stop posing with his hands on his hips all the time,as I realized looking back through the last few blogs.It must be a throwback to the old "Jolly Green Giant" commercials...HO HO HO....

Back to moving day...Our plan is to go over to the Salton Sea Recreation Area for a few days,to see the white pelicans in their winter home.
Some people cant get past the smell of the area...but it doesn't bother me....Its the thousands of housefly's trying to get into your trailer,10 at a time,that gets me,as was the case the last time I visited....So we will see what happens today and make our decisions as we go.Cottonwood campground in Joshua Tree National Park is an to quote Gil Favour of "Rawhide" again.......Lets head em up and move em out.......Those cows didn't need a "dump station".

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