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Friday, February 13, 2009

We got "Busted"

Yesterday I talked about trying to stay here at the cheaper rate,being that we were sent here against our will during the rain didn't work,as yesterday the head Park Ranger lady paid me a visit.I was alone again as Ron and Sue had gone back to the "Sonny Bono" for the day for more I was left alone to defend the fort.
Well, she was nice and firm (both definitions)and her hand wasn't too far from the gun she was packing.....and she gave me 2 choices....move back to Salt Creek,where more rain is due tonight or move down to the lower row here and pay more....I didn't like either choice as it meant packing up everything including resetting 2 satellite once I got down on my hands and knees and blubbered a little,(just kidding)she told me she was the big decision maker around here,and since I whined a little...we could stay where we were parked and pay the extra $ cover the next 5 days.
Well...after she left,I figured that we didn't do too bad as the total average for 12 days came in just over $9 a day and that was 10 of the 12 days in a $17 a day organized campground without the Seniors discount.Cheap Canadians eh?So now with a long weekend coming up,we are here alone on this row with a couple from Ontario who have been working the same deal as they were next to us at Salt Creek.
Cant wait until the rain hits(if it does)and we see a new set of refugee's coming over from the Salt Creek mud of yesterday,it was full of unsuspecting r.v.ers.

In the pic above I wanted to get a shot of the lake without the usual haze as it was after the storm had passed.You can see the snow line(fresh snow)was at the 4000ft level.Its a zoom-able pic if you click on it.(I think...can't test from here)

In the pic below,it looks like a winter scene with me parked in snow,but its really salt. And just across the road(below) is a nice contrast of fresh snow on the mountains and a field of cauliflower ready to be harvested.

Below are some more of Ron and Sue's pic's from the Sonny Bono Refuge.

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