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Thursday, February 12, 2009

My Visit To The Desert Springs Resort & Spa...Pt 2

As I finish my little tour of the resort...First a little update on what we have been doing.
Yesterday Ron and Sue spent the day at the "Living Desert"which is a wildlife adventure through the deserts of the world.Its a massive area up against the mountains in the Palm Desert area.
I was feeling a little drained from all the driving around the day before,so stayed in camp and found more mud to remove from last Saturday mornings evacuation of Salt Creek campground.
Most of the evacuees have moved on to other places now,leaving just us.Now they are pressuring us to move back to Salt Creek because its dried out and reopened,but tomorrow the weatherman is predicting more rain to come in,and we dont want to have to go through that again.
We are in a $15. a nite campground and Salt Creek is a $5. a nite,(senior rate)and we sneakily prepaid at the $5. rate until next tuesday morning.When they evacuated was with the agreement that we could stay at the $5. rate,but now with the reopening of salt Creek,they want us to go back... or pay an extra $10. a day to cover the difference.We are digging our heels in and will see what happens today.This place is almost empty,so we stick out like a sore thumb.

It was a cool morning so nobody around the pools....there are several of them.

The waterway and golf course.
Below is the pool with a backdrop of the snow covered mountains near Big Bear Lake.

The only pool visitor is Donald the Mallard below.He likes it better than the waterway.He says...I got the big buck's so I indulge ducks?

Back out front(below)

And a final look at the flamingos.

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