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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Visitor Center.....Revisited

As our time here winds down to the last few days,I wanted to go back and spend more time at the "Anza-Borrego State park Visitor Center." I really haven't taken the time to tour this huge park with its 500 miles of back country roads and hundreds of hiking trails.Mainly due to the fact that its mostly 4 wheel drive(soft sand)and I really don't want to get stuck in the middle of nowhere.But there are really many interesting canyons,one with running water all year long,that goes from 3900ft all the way down to the desert floor.Also there are many Palm Oasis..s..s.. to be found(hows that for grammar.)And in the area that we are located is a large and very interesting badlands formation.So time is spent looking at displays and video's on the area from the comfort of the 7000 sq ft visitor center.(Pic above)Its actually underground.
Here is the information counter above

At the entrance above an excellent map of the park,sits a model of a full sized "Aiolornis Incredibilis"the incredible bird god of the winds.This extinct bird was about 4 ft tall and had a wingspan of 16 ft.It was the largest bird ever to soar the skies of the northern hemisphere.It was thought to have stalked its prey on the ground...I'm glad I wasn't around.

Some of the display area.

Outside the entrance is a small pond with the prehistoric "Pup Fish."I'm hoping that I have sized this pic of the information sign so it can be "CLICKED ON"and read.

Here is a view of the pond below,with above sign.

Today I may try to explore the there is no blog tomorrow....will someone please come looking for me....

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