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Friday, November 20, 2009

El Mirador RV Park…Huatabampito Sonora

I arrived here yesterday about 2 pm at this little off the beaten track,jewel of an RV Park and Restaurant, on a warm, humid,82 degree day.


I want to go back to yesterdays drive a bit and cover the trip from the City of Hermosillo.I got an early start and travelled through the morning rush hour of the city with the rising sun shinning in my eyes most of the way.As many know,just driving through that city under the best of conditions is trying.I always have scary memories of the very first time when we were swept down into the city centre after missing a turn,and having a heck of a time finding our way back.And 2 years ago I drove through under cover of real early morning darkness and found out just how inadequate the signage lighting is.I had miscalculated how soon it would get light that day and got too early a start.

001   004 Here are 2 shots from my first day on highway 2 just a few hours after crossing the border.The one on the left is a small rest area.I can remember on my first Mexican visit back around 2000,that these were non existent, and even a place to pull off was difficult because of the large drop off from the pavement.And you never ever saw a trash container back then.Garbage would be all over the ground.Now you see roadside trash barrels everywhere.Still lots of trash on the ground but the peoples aim is improving.

I wanted to see just how good my $60.00 Garmin 2009 Mexico SD card would do.So knowing my way through Hermosillo pretty well now,put it to the test, and she wanted me to turn when I knew I shouldn't,so didn't.I could have been wrong but wasn’t going to chance it.Later in the day in the city of Hautabamo,I ignored her again and paid the price dearly as I found myself on crowded,narrow back streets,even narrow dirt lanes,blocked by a garbage truck as I patiently waited for each of its stops.Finally she guided me back to where I should have turned,if I had listened to her in the first place.Good old Miss Garmin.

Re Wednesdays little Pemex ripoff,Yesterday I waited until my gauge read exactly the same as the day before and made my next Pemex stop.I watched the pump,never taking my eyes off,and to my expectations,found a big difference.The cost was 530 pesos compared with 650 and the liter amount was 68 compared to 84.And this time I got a full tank instead of a 3/4 full tank.So that's 16 liters difference plus a quarter tank of 25 liters for a total of a 41 liter ripoff at 7.72 pesos a liter=316 pesos,which is by today's rate of exchange $25.72 CDN.Thank goodness gas down here is only .62 cents a liter CDN.Although the difference is made up in highway tolls….So my rant is over and I’m getting on with enjoying this beautiful country.008 Look at that beautiful beach!It goes for miles in both directions without anyone in sight.And the water is still warm enough for swimming, as My neighbors,a family from France in their motor home,were doing.

006 Here’s the very nice restaurant.009 The sites,on sand,are all 30 ft wide,giving a person some space.Both parks so far where $20.US per night with full hookups.There were only 5 of us here last night with room for many more.Other than the French family,all from BC. WE ROOL!

I just have to show my UN-PICASO-ED shots of last nights sunset into the Sea of Cortez.Just point and shoot.

010 011

012 013

014 015 Some zoom,some not.

As soon as that sun hits the horizon this morning,I’m barefoot on the beach for a long brisk walk before breaky.



  1. I have always heard that most non-US visitors to the west and southwest are Germans. It sounds like the Canadians are trying to get the southwest and Mexico locked up. :~)))

  2. Beautiful shots of the sun. What a great way to start the day. I like the map of your travels too. Great way to show where you are. Enjoy!!!

  3. Beautiful sunset pics, Willy. It looks like a great place you have there too. Enjoy that beach this weekend!