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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trekking Back To Vegas

The Silver Bullet needs its 2nd service.With just over 17,000km’s/10,000 miles in 6 months,I’ve been really racking up the mileage,so its back to Vegas for the 2nd day in a row.I didn't want to try and do both the awning and the truck service on the same day,especially dragging the trailer around,so I decided that I would rather endure the 140 mile round trip twice.This time taking the Lake Mead Parkway route since I now have my 5 day permit.It does save 30 minutes.Again I cant say how much I appreciate having my Garmin GPS to take me right to these places,allowing me to only concentrate on traffic and not directions.Thank you Miss Garmin.

014 I stopped on the hill coming into Henderson to take this shot of the Las Vegas skyline through the usual brown haze that this city produces.That is only part of the skyline as its strung out so far that if I tried to get it all in,you wouldn't see anything in the photo.So I used some zoom.

022 Findley Toyota is a huge new complex in the eastern outskirts in a quiet traffic area.This shot only shows half of the building.Inside was like a big shopping mall,spacious and busy.

023 Here are the service bays,just spotless.I just had to drive up to one of the bay entrances and they handled me there with the paperwork,then after chatting with the service guy about the merits of the Tundra(he has one too,and pulls a trailer)he sent me to the main showroom lounge where I watched Cnn on one of the many big screen TV’s.The place even had a commercial lunch/coffee bar for the customers.

024 In this photo, on the far right inside, is another lounge for waiting while your vehicle gets serviced.That's where I was supposed to come and wait after going for a coffee.So to make a long story short,I waited longer than I needed to,as the truck was ready and sitting back in the parking lot and I’m still watching Wolf Blitzer.

I cant get over how big and spotless this place is,and it didn't seem too busy in the service area.I guess its because its for Toyota’s.(He says with tongue in cheek).

On the way back to camp I made a few stops of interest that I will feature in another blog entry. And lastly….Today I make my request for a satellite assignment change for my trip into Mexico.I’ve not done this before,so if I disappear for awhile,it will be because I ran into problems.


  1. Good Morning Willy... Sounds like a very pleasant experience waiting for you truck to get serviced... I love it when we need work and the place is clean and has nice lounges for their patrons... Have a super day my friend!

    Travel Safely

  2. The new concept in tidy clean garages is a far cry from the way most garages appeared & operated in years gone by. They look more like clean hospital operating rooms these days....and that is a good thing!!

  3. Hope your satellite change works - we wouldn't want to lose you out there!

  4. Sounds like you are all ready for Mexico! I'm looking forward to the new adventure!

  5. Hi Dad, Looks like your doing good. Had to laugh at you snapping pictures of the poor man tryin to do repairs lol, probably did make him really nervous. I will keep checking in, nothing new here, sick of the rain already!
    Love Kim