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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Overton Nevada, On Lake Mead’s Northern Shore.

Yesterday started as a frosty Monday in Jackpot.I climbed out of my toasty warm trailer just as the morning sun came over the distant hills,and found a nice coating of frost on the truck.The temperature was 27 degrees.Thank goodness no wind.

001This was typical of what I would look at for scenery for the next 8 hours of driving.Miles and miles of….miles and miles.Shortly after this shot I spotted a nice little group of Pronghorns feeding off to the right.Hard to spot with the colors of the landscape.

003 As I got closer to Wells,a small town on I-80 coming out of Salt Lake City,I picked up the only snow patched mountains on this leg of the run to the south.You don't enter them,you just skirt down the eastern side.

005 Now entering Wells.where I will make my first refueling stop of the day.A big surprise….I’m in the middle of nowhere and its the cheapest gas so far in the whole trip.$2.68.Its been mostly around $2.79 to $2.89.And guess what?I insert my debit card and again…that's it,start pumping….No pin required.I must admit that’s a heck of a lot easier than following a bunch of prompts.And like all the others,it spits out the receipt.Jeeez! I’m sounding like a hick.

006South of Wells,I lose the snow covered mountains,as I’m in what's called the Great Basin.This stretch of road,never had a turn for about 45 minutes.You cant beat this for relaxed driving.Boring as it may seem,it sure beats playing tag with thousands of trucks on I-5.My stress meter goes away down.

007I made a second fuel stop at Ely,which is the largest centre on this route down highway 93.And again,the same thing with my card….Hey! I’m getting to like this.Ely is at 6200 ft and by the way the temperature at mid morning had risen to 55 degrees.The shot above is just south of Ely as I prepare to climb up into the Humboldt “Tolyabe National Forest.”

010 The forest high point here is 7300 ft.and the sun is getting warmer,nudging 60.This is now highway 6,that goes over to Tonopah.I only take it for 24 miles out of Ely to pick up the shortcut route 318 south.

011 Here is the only regular style rest stop on the whole trip,and its where I take my lunch break and nappy time.It didn't work out for nap time as after I took this shot,the place got busy and noisy.

012 Here is an interesting little rest stop just before 318 meets back up with 93.Its actually a meeting of 3 highways,318/93/375.And behind me when I took  this shot,are many parked vehicles,as its the parking area where workers take a bus to go to work at “AREA 51.”You know…That place that the government says doesn’t exist.

015 Area 51 is just over those hills in the background.See the 2 signs behind the trailer,well here is the small one.

016 Hmmmmmm!

Well the temperature has now risen to 80 degrees and I’ve gone from heater to a/c today.I arrived down on the I-15,the Vegas to Salt Lake freeway,with about 90 minutes of daylight left and a top out temperature for the day,of 84.I made a final fuel stop at the Sinclair station in Moapa,and guess what?I needed to use my pin number for a change.As Gomer Pile used to say….Surprise…Surprise!

My present location is a boon docking spot on a bluff overlooking the town of Overton.Its a large area with about 2 dozen of us spread out 100 yards apart.

I finally got to use my new Wal-mart special $14.88 Tracfone last night as I phoned Camping World in Henderson,a suburb of Vegas,an hours drive away.

They have my awning fabric and I have an appointment for this afternoon.Life is good,AHHHHH!     MY GOOGLE LOCATION


  1. Good Morning Willy, Your trip does look peaceful so far except the awning... Even the flat straight roads have their beauty I thnik... Great pictures and info on the route you chose to take... Have FUN & Travel Safely


  2. Thanks for the great description of your day, Willy and the nice pictures too. Glad to see you might get your awning fixed as you'll definitely need that down in Mexico.