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Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just a Lazy Day At The Beach

The overnight temps are staying close to 70 which is exactly what it is outside right now as I write this at 5:10 on Saturday morning.You can feel the humidity,but its not overwhelming at these temperatures.All windows are open.This morning will be like yesterday morning,when at 7am and sunrise,I’ll take my usual fast walk/slow jog for exactly 40 minutes,on the beach.002   That’s west,I went that way yesterday,and in my bare feet.The water was warm,the sand was cold in the morning air.

001 This morning I will go this way wearing my shoes as my feet are not acclimatized to the abrasive sand yet.

Those 2 directions culminate into 8 uninterrupted miles of beautiful beach.005    Here’s one of the nice beachfront homes,near by.

So my day was spent just relaxing and taking a few snaps along the waters edge,like my little buddies,the brown pelicans,taking a mid day rest.004 The one on the left has its head straight up in the air with the bill open.Looks like a scissor head.Here’s a little Picasa fix below.


When I'm walking the beach in the morning these poor little guys below, are trying to get breakfast,but I keep interrupting them and they keep running ahead of me.Then after awhile they smarten up and go behind me.

009 Then I turn around to come back and the whole cycle starts again.

The rest of the day was taken up by creating a vegetative state of mind,and getting a few rays.The reddening begins.

013 this is a photo of the back of a motorhome from France.I took the photo to get a copy of their website,written on the back, and have a look at their site.They left just after I took this,and I never got a chance to meet them,but they are a young family with 2 boys, and their final destination is in South America.Check out the and use the translation in your browser.The motor home is based on a Fiat diesel.

003 That's it,2nd on the left next to my little dwarf of a trailer.So,along with an enjoyable happy hour over at the restaurant with my  next door neighbors from Williams Lake.(the 2 rigs to my right), that was my day. We lost one rig and gained 4 more,so we will see what today brings.Life is a beach…isn't it? It doesn’t take long to forget Pemex rip-offs.


  1. Your 70F overnight temps sound mighty nice compared to our 27F again this morning!! It's actually warmer back home in Bayfield at night than it is here in southeastern Arizona. Our water is all froze up again:((

  2. That is an amazing spot you have there, Willy. 70F sounds just about perfect right now especially with all that blue sky and those beaches.

  3. Wonderful ! I love being near water.... What would the temp. of the water be? Also.... not to sound too dumb... what body of water is it? salt? Kick back & enjoy..... Kelly

  4. Beach, Sand, Sun, you can sure make people envious :-) Enjoy your time.

  5. Kelly;The ocean is still fairly warm from a hot summer but will cool down quite a bit by years end.I didnt go in yet but others have.there have been 2 incidences of people stepping on sting rays this week. I dont feel like going through that.The best way to avoid getting stabbed by them is to shuffle your feet along the sandy bottom.
    You will get a better idea of the location and body of water by looking at my travel map on the sidebar.