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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

A Little Tour Of Celestino RV,Just North Of Mazatlan.

011 Here is the entrance to our park.Its laid out in a long thin line from this roadway,all the way down to the ocean front,which is the better part of a kilometer.At least it seems that way.

002 All sites are on one side of the road,and are back-ins set on an angle.Chris the owner has done a nice job of laying out plenty of nice shrubbery for privacy between the sites.To exit this park because of the narrowness,there is an exit road further down that puts you into the next property behind the sites,and a road takes you back out.

010 This shot was taken from that property,as you can see my back yard.

005 Further down the road toward the beach,is the combination laundry room,showers,and toilets.

004 Then the last section,which used to be the dry camping area,but is now fully serviced also.The property next door still has dry camping by the beach.Beyond the trees on the right.

006 And finally the beach end with a grassy area and patio.This is where I enjoyed Xmas dinner 2 years ago with a great bunch of people.And of course last but not least…The beach.

007 Not as nice as the last stop at Hautabampito.Its a bit rocky just in this area.If you go 100 yards in either direction,you get nice sand.

So that's my little tour of the place I called home for 2 and a half months,in the winter of 07/08,and have again returned to, and this time for just a short visit.  I will try to get my location to work this time.



  1. It looks like a beautiful place and I'm just a tad envious! Enjoy.

  2. Looks like another great place, Willy. Can't wait now to see your next stop. Thanks for the tour and pics.