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Monday, November 2, 2009

Jackpot Nevada…Elevation 5200 ft… And Cold

011 I’m tucked away in my little back corner here at Cactus Pete’s Casino,and as I write this in the wee small hours of Monday morning,its damn cold,only around the freezing mark but a far cry from the last 2 nights.My little “Buddy Heater” is pumping out the BTU’s.One of the best little power saving heaters around at a reasonable price.

003 Yesterday was a stress free day of travel,I set my passenger side mirror high enough to still catch the road view and at the same time see the awning,and it never budged,so it must have been the unusual wind condition that opened it up.I did a search on the discussion forum and some of the people had some horror stories about their experiences with unfolding awnings under certain high wind conditions.And here I thought the Silver Bullet was losing power,but it was just that I had a Drag-Shute deployed.

004  It doesn't look so bad rolled up,but unfurled,its a mess.

The drive over the Eastern Oregon mountains was pleasant, Interstate 84 is a smooth quiet highway,and a pleasure to drive compared to I-5 straight south,and the gas prices are better because you don't have to go through California and pay the big bucks.  My stop for gas in La Grange was the next chance to check my new debit card and because there is no self serve in Oregon,the fellow just stuck my card in the slot and with no pin number, it started the pumps.Hmmmm!Scary!I hope I don't lose it.I thought I had the safety of a pin number,but i guess not.They call it a credit setting,and come to think of it,the Camping World purchase was the same,so it acts just like a credit card.

006 By mid morning,I dropped down out of the hills and crossed the Snake River,which divides Oregon with Idaho.Above is the rest area just across the State line.I started to pick up heavier traffic as I approached the cities of Caldwell,Nampa/Meridian,and Boise,with a combined population of half a million.

The day was sunny and cool,staying in the mid 50’s range.The whole drive east of Boise is really pretty country as you follow the Valley of the Snake,or in a more common term,the Snake River Valley.

008  Here’s a shot looking east,near Twin Falls.This was taken just after another refueling stop.And to continue my tale of woe of trying to get the damn card to work with ease,I pulled another stupid.This time I insert the card and it beeps,but nothing appears in the window,so I try again,beep,and nothing,and now I'm building a line-up behind me,so I go in and stand in the junk food line up and when its finally my turn,she says my pump is ready to go already.So again it was a credit thing,still no use of a pin or zip number,just like the last time in Oregon.Some day I’ll get the hang of it.But I still don't like the idea of use with no pin number.

010 Here’s another shot of the valley of the Snake.Just after I took this shot,the road dropped down into the valley and the scenery changed to small lakes full of ducks and geese,with many waterfalls coming out of the surrounding escarpment,but really no place to stop and take a photo. I arrived an hour later at Jackpot Nevada,after a steady, hardly noticeable climb up on to the Nevada desert.

So today will be a quiet drive straight south through desolate country,with practically no traffic other then a few fellow snowbirds heading south.

I hope to reach Las Vegas tomorrow morning,so maybe since I go right by the Camping World In Henderson,I might see if they can replace the awning fabric.Even if it takes a few days to possibly order in or get an appointment,I know of some nice places to stay in the Lake Mead area.

I just checked the 5 day forecast for Vegas and its going to be in the 80’s,so I think I can put up with that.


  1. Nice pictures of the Snake River Valley, Willy. Good luck in Las Vegas - with the awning at least!

  2. In Quartzite the guys came right out into the desert where we were boondocked to replace our awning. Nice touch I thought. Nice pics WW. Say hello to Vegas for us. Been there a couple times & never touched a machine:)) We're not Casino people. Safe travels & if your in the southeast part of Az just drop into the ranch & say hello. You can help us feed the 8 chickens:))

  3. Great travel pictures and thanks for the information on the route that you take and the amenities along the way - good luck with your awning! Kim and Don