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Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Quartzsite Arizona

Yesterday morning I got a nice early start just as the sun was coming over the hill which in this neck of the woods is 6am.Actually the time zone is right is right here,but I prefer staying on pacific time as long as possible,so it doesn’t screw up my TV watching schedule.I did this all last year and it worked well for me.

IMG_0851  Here are 2 of my new neighbors that arrived across from me on Sunday.Dig the fancy Volvo truck pulling this triple axel rig…Nice!He even had a fancy Datastorm satellite automatic dish on his roof for both Internet and TV.

It was a nice day for travel as I stopped at the dump station at Overton Beach Marina.In this part of the world,its nice to have a dump station all to yourself with no line-ups to contend with,as I was able to take my time and be thorough,picking up some fresh water too.Its pretty good drinking water.

I stayed on 95 entering California,then at Needles,kept on 95 rather than going down through Havasu on the Arizona side.By the time I reached the junction of highway 62 that goes over to Parker Arizona,I was falling asleep at the wheel.Being that it was just a little after 11am,stopped for a refreshing nap and a bite to eat.

All of this is the product of me being out of wack with my sleep patterns,where I’m in bed asleep by 8pm and up about 2-3am.I find 6 to 7 hours fine,its just that I always seem to be on Eastern time.Its something that started on my first snowbird trip years ago.But it does find me sleepy after a few hours on the road.I find a 15 minute doze at a rest area usually does the trick for the rest of the day.

IMG_0854 I arrived at this 14 day free BLM boondocking spot about 3 pm.This, after stopping at a large RV repair shop in the western outskirts of Quartzsite,called,”RV Lifestyles.”The boss man said he could fix my H.W.Tank in the morning and to come around at 7am today,that’s 6 my time,which means rustling my buns outta the sack by 4:30.He directed me to this boondocking spot which is just down the road.

IMG_0852 I share this place with only 2 other rigs,although there may be more over the rise.Sorry for the lack of photos to space out this blog entry.But I must show this next one though.

ALL TOGETHER NOW… spell….M…I..C..K..E..Y……M..O..U..S..E…Sing along now……Mickey Mouse,Mickey Mouse….I wonder if that old TV show is still around.

IMG_0853 Reminds me of a little game Marlene and I used to play as we drove through saguaro country,trying to put a caption on all the odd looking shapes that we would find in the Saguaro Cactus.Just a little competition to see who could come up with the most humorous caption. This one by the way is just outside my door.

Hopefully I’ll be in Yuma before noon today as its only about 85 miles further down the road.I will set-up there for a few days and get some things done before heading to Ole Mex.

Oh! And one final thing on my continuing saga of “will the debit card work at the gas pump this time?”My stop for gas at Searchlight Nevada was my first Chevron stop of the trip,and they require a ZIP,rather than a PIN.I only had 3 in front of me at the Slurpee line up this time.The lady says that all Chevrons require a zip code.They are my gas station of choice,but not on the rest of this trip.I’ll continue to use them at home because I can use my debit card there.

I didn’t try to use the Sumas Washington zip,where the card was issued, because it didn't work one other time,but may try that again because I’ve found that the debit card is also used as a credit card at many of the pumps,requiring no fact Visa is written on the card along with the word debit.The saga continues,somehow,somewhere,I’ll figure this out.


  1. That Quartzite desert is looking pretty quiet compared to the January times we have been there. Hope we don't have to go to Q again & be a part of the annual chaos.

  2. Wow Willy what a beuatiful place to be camping... Love the shot of the cactus... Hopefully we'll see some this year... I read your yesterday post too. How sad that the lake has receded and/or dried up... Hopefully it will return again someday... Your phone is very nice. It especially is good for someone like you traveling. Have a super duper day my new friend!

    Travel Safely

  3. Looks like another great desert spot you've picked to boondock in. That Volvo and 5'er is quite the rig too! Good luck with your hot water tank and hope you make it to Yuma o.k.

  4. Hope your tank is fixed by now, we can't have you smelling!!! Thanks a lot for your comment on my Blog. I drive a 1987 Accord and got stuck the other day, so I have been thinking about a cell phone but so far not acted on it. Maybe it's time.
    Your pictures sure bring back great memories for me.

  5. Great blog willy.

    Re your credit card problem with the postal code. I have not tried it but I have heard from other RV'ers that when it asks for your postal code and you have a Canadian one is to use the 3 numbers on your card then add 2 zeros and it works. eg: V2B4P8 would be 24800. Try it and let me know.
    Larry and Betty Pollard