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Monday, November 9, 2009

“Overton Beach Marina”….The Beach Resort That Once Was.

I guess its a sign of the times when a very popular resort and marina turns into a dry desert.Once the largest and most popular marina on lake Mead with full hookup campground,and a store and boat rental,also the largest boat launch on Lake Mead.

037 Look at this big beautiful boat launch ending in a field with a stream in the distance.That whole green area was once the lake,now its away off to the right several miles away.036 This shot of the ranger station and store all closed up.(only half the building showing in this shot.)035 An abandoned houseboat sits high and dry.

034 A more distant shot taken from the dump station,which is still in operation, and a good drinking water supply is available also.I’ll be taking a visit to this spot when I head out later this morning.

Now we travel north a few miles to where I’m boondocking,and 100 yards from where my trailer is parked,I look over the top of this plateau and see just how much the lake has receded all the way up to the town of Overton.

005  Such a shame,006 Will it ever come back?007 Maybe if we see Noah building an Arc.(these 3 scenes can be seen through my trailer windows.)

I’m going to insert a little commercial here.I’m so impressed with this little Wal-mart special Tracfone,that has saved my bacon several times in the past week.

001  It gets to sit Royally on a nice pillow for it’s( Photo Op).Its a Motorola W260g and it came in a bonus pack that includes unlimited double minutes for the life of the phone,plus accessories.2 chargers,one 12volt and one 120v.Hands free headset.And all for $14.88.

You can buy “minutes” cards or renew minutes on- line or by phone.I found the latter 2 to be difficult with my Canadian MasterCard for some reason,so just went back to the store and bought another card.You can call anywhere in the world,but can only use this phone in the U.S. A great thing to reactivate every time we head south.

004 I like the way it constantly lets you know how much time you have left.Yesterday I put it on charge and all of a sudden an hour later I hear this funny little chime coming from the phone telling me the charge was complete.

I don't particularly like phones and have never travelled south with one before,but this past week, having it sure made life a lot easier for this old dog.

I guess its time to pack up and leave.Yesterday I was surrounded by 3 newcomers,all parking within a hundred yards of me.I guess I’m spoiled,having the place to myself for a week.Tonight will be either Quartzsite or Yuma.Gotta get that hot water tank fixed.


  1. We saw the results of that water recession around Page Arizona a couple years ago traveling through the Lake Powell area. We could see the high water marks on the hills & rock cliffs but no water to be seen. Really too bad:(( Trac Phone seems like a good idea. Luckily our cell phone is paid for by the place Kelly works for while we're on the road.

  2. Last year we were in the same Lake Mead area as you've shown in your photos. It's amazing how much the lake has receded. We bought Net 10 phones last year at Walmart and they sound very similar to the Tracphone you have. I'll have to check that out this year to see what's best for us - Net10 or Tracphone.

  3. Sad situation for Lake Mead. We used to camp right by the water at Stewarts Point but I guess that area is now far away from the water too. Every year we were there the water was lower and lower.

  4. I would never have guessed there was that kind of change in the water level. Did you check out the abandoned house boat?

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