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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The “Why” Arizona BLM For An Overnight

I’m back at my favorite “Bureau Of Land Management”boondocking spot,a 14 day free parking area,and I must say this one is my favorite boondocking spot.It is also where this old guy was last January 1st,when I put out my first blog entry as an experiment to see if I would enjoy doing blogging.

024 Trying to get some shade from the old Palo Verde tree.

The trip over from Yuma was a peaceful 3 and a half hour run.And as always, old Interstate 8 was pretty quiet on this stretch.One Border patrol stop about 3/4 the way to Gila Bend.As I pulled up and rolled down the window the agent says to me….Good Morning,we are arresting all Canadians today…I did a bit of a double take until I saw the smile on his face.Maybe I better get rid of that flag under my front license plate.LOL.

I didn't make my customary stop at the Love’s travel Centre in Gila bend,for a Chalupa at the Taco Bell.Just a little too early.

025 I stopped at the town of Ajo,12 miles back from here,to buy my Mexican auto Insurance.I didn't stop at my usual place this time, opting for a try at using Sandborn’s.It was a bit of a shocker,when she tallied the cost,because in other years I wasn’t claiming as high a value.But by joining the Sandborn’s club,I was able to get the price down by 40 bucks, plus I received some excellent travel books and maps for Mexico.So we will see how all this plays out in time. I’ve entered my new Mexico map SD card into my Garmin,and set a couple of GPS co ordinances for campgrounds over the next 2 days,thanks to “Churches”latest edition of their Mexico travel book.

This time instead of overnighting behind Pemex stations,I may try a few of the RV parks that I used to pass by on other trips. So this morning early,I will drive the last 26 miles to the border and let the fun begin.I hear that Highway 2 from Sonoyta to Santa Anna,my first leg of the trip,has finished all the miserable construction detours,and is a real nice piece of highway now.I just want to get the paperwork game over with at mile 21.Then the fun begins.

026 Sunset through my Palo Verde last night.

And a note to Gypsy, re your comment about a lady alone handling satellite internet.Yes no problem,but it takes some learning.I have only less than 2 years of experience,and am still learning. It certainly is a one person setup though.

Welcome aboard Larry and Betty,maybe you can get your friends Barb and Jake to join my readers list too…LOL…….See you all in Hermosillo Sonora.


  1. We're familiar with the BLM spot south of Why & may be there again in a couple months. Save travels in Mexico. We're still smarting from our rude introduction to Sonoyta two winter's ago!!

  2. Looks like a nice spot you have there Willy. Nice pics too! Safe traveling in Mexico - be careful down there!