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Saturday, November 14, 2009

Some Saturday Morning Ramblings

I've been off the radar screen for a couple of days,so I thought I’d better check in as this blog is a family monitor of my movements, plus a few interested readers.

My camera has been sitting in the corner for a few days,looking at me as if to say,”What up dude!”You haven't put your grubby hands on me for days.

I’m still boondocking at Pilot Knob and running around getting a few things done in Yuma in preparation for the trip into Mexico. I've also renewed a friendship with a couple that we met in Baja in the winter of 03/04.They have been in contact with me on a regular E-mail basis since that time,but this is our first physical contact since.

They have been interested in getting a satellite internet system like mine,so I have been showing them my set-up and we've been searching out a good deal in used equipment for them.We found one and they just completed a grueling round trip to Phoenix yesterday to make the purchase.So today hopefully I can train them enough to be familiar with the set up.

The other day I finally got fed up with the speed of my Acer laptop with its 1 gig of ram…on Vista….a cruel combination, and searched out a little computer shop in Yuma where I purchased two -2 gig boards.I figured I could probably do the changeover myself but wasn’t quite sure of myself, even after reading Ricks experience with doing the same on his blog the other day.They did a general clean up and blew it out with air inside while it was apart and removed some of the start up stuff that wasn't necessary. And WOW! Talk about Speedy Gonzales!I Got me a 4 GIG HOTROD ACER now.Not to exaggerate too much,its a heck of a lot better.

My first experience the other day with making a banking deposit in my new US account at Bank Of America, was a little unnerving.I’m used to using a deposit envelope at the ATM with my account number and the amount written on it,but down here you just stick a wad of cash through an opening and its gone and you hope for the best.Well, for a first time,I didn't take any chances and went in to ask and be sure of what I was doing.I found a young bank manager standing around talking to some customers in a line up,so I cornered him and he took me out to the ATM and took me through the process.When that little door opened he said just put your arm and money in a fair distance to make contact,which I did,then the little door slammed shut and it recognized the amount and registered it on the screen.I had visions of 700 bucks just disappearing and never to be found again.So we learned something new.It also gave me a chance to question the manager about the security of these cards that don't require a pin in some instances. 

My prep for Mexico also continued these last few days as I came out of Wal-mart on wednesday with a load of groceries,all items that I know I wont find in a Mexican supermarket,unless things have changed since my last visit.Things like pork and beans,chunky soups,stove top stuffing,for the Xmas pot luck,(if I get invited),etc.And original shredded wheat.And pre-cooked bacon.I hate dealing with fresh bacon when RVing.So messy.Too much grease to deal with.This way you just lay the strips on a paper towel and micro them for 30 seconds and the small amount of grease soaks into the paper towel.No fuss,no muss.Costly for bacon but I don't eat it that often anyway.

I always go to the Del Sol here in Yuma, a Mexican/American supermarket,and purchase Peso’s from their little bill paying kiosk.That way when I cross the border,I’m not having to search out a bank right a way,as you never know,the one bank in Sonoyta could have ATM problems or any other situation that leaves me with no money access.And the next bank is a long way down the road.So slowly I’m getting all my Mexican ducks in a row and in a few days will be heading to the communities of Ajo/Why,my final stop before entering Mexico,where I will purchase my insurance. Stay tuned.


  1. Adding that extra memory is a great way to squeeze another year or two out of your laptop, Willy. Putting cash directly into that slot would sure make me nervous too. Sounds like you're pretty much ready for Mexico - good luck!

  2. You sure have been busy, no wonder we didn't hear from you for a couple of days.

    As for depositing cash at the ATM, that's the way it is at our credit union here in Maple Ridge.. the money doesn't go inside an envelope anymore.