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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My little Home On The Hill.I’m getting To Like It.

001 Forgive the grainy photos please,yesterday was a busy day and by the time I got the camera out,it was getting dark.The photo above was taken just as it was getting dark,but with a little help from Picasa,was able to put some light and color to them.The next three photos were completely black before I worked them through the photo program.

004 This is the beautiful moonrise taken as it rose above the peak in the first photo above.

Yesterday I had a 1 o'clock appointment at Camping World in Henderson,so gave myself 2 hours to travel the approximately 75 miles of windy twisty roads from the Lake Mead area here,down the I-15 for most of the distance,then into Vegas past the Nellis AF Base,and along Nellis Boulevard,then back up the Boulder Highway to Camping World.Pheuuuuuu! I hit most of the greens on Nellis,but Boulder highway’s lights got me into trouble.I now know just how good my Tundra’s brakes are,as I was distracted for a second and didn’t see the red light that I was approaching at a good clip.I don't know if it was just the hot pavement,but the screech was deafening as all 8 wheels ground to a halt just in front of the walk line.

I made it just 2 minutes under the wire to my appointed time,not that it mattered because they were running late.By 1:30 I drove the trailer into one of the large bays, and they had the awning off in minutes and on the floor,making the exchange to the new fabric.Two young Mexican Americans,who seemed to know what they were doing,had it all completed and reinstalled by 2:00.The total cost including renewing my membership for 2 years,was $330.A far cry from the $1500.this past June for the whole assembly. installed.I really expected to pay a lot more to get this mess resolved.So at least I got my awning back.Hoooray!

003 The drive back took only 1hour and 15 minutes as I took the Boulder Parkway,but I had to buy a $5.00 entry sticker for the park in order to go home that way.Its good for 5 days,so will use it today when I go back into town to get the Tundra serviced at the Toyota dealership.It was sure good to finally get back to camp yesterday and shed myself of the trailer,as it hasn’t been unhooked from the truck since leaving home.

Yesterday morning my next door neighbor,parked about 300 yards away,stopped by to say hello and fill me in on where to go for water and where to dump and get rid of the garbage.All things that are important to know when boondocking a strange area.You know,I’m getting to like this place,and I might stay awhile,at least until the temperatures here on the high desert start to cool down.I think Yuma would be just a little too hot right now.And I’m slowly recouping the awning cost because my camping fee’s so far and into the near future is 0.And like Al of The Bayfield Bunch says,I’m not an RV park kinda person.Boondocking the dusty desert isn't everybody’s cup of tea,but its mine.

002  A grainy after dark shot of the lights of Overton just below this bluff that I’m parked on.

One last point,take a look at friend kathy’s blog featuring my home area and all the eagles that are now arriving. I’m getting homesick already.


  1. Wow Willy your picture of the moon was awesome... Great shot! I am so glad that you got your awning fixed and in reality it wasn't too bad of a hit on the wallet... Hope you enjoy your peaceful boondocking... It sounds wonderful!!

    Have Fun & Travel Safely

  2. Hi Willy, I know the area where you are parking now very well although we never stayed there. We usually went to Stewart Point for a couple of weeks right by the water. Our friends are now at the wildlife area by Overton and they like it there a lot. I sure wish I was there too :-)

  3. That night shot of the moon over the mountain is fantastic! Good job on the awning, anytime you can get out of a service depot by spending less than $500 is a win! Sure looks like you've got lot's of elbow room where you're camped!

  4. Well, Willy, I'm gonna add my tuppence worth here mate! I like that moonrise picture very much. And you used Picasa? I must jump to it and take a look at that little beauty! Knowing where to get the water and dump the you know what is certainly at the top of my list, that's for sure. Truck on mate. :)

  5. Yep, I know what you mean by RV Parks not being your cup of tea. Mine neither. Stayed in 3 of them in the past few days & they were all very nice but it was mainly the lack of people that made it that way. I've never had much of a herding matter what it is!!